Most conservatives feel as though our current welfare system was a devise created by satan and forged in the armpit of hell.  They hate the idea of lazy people sitting at home and getting THEIR MONEY without even trying to help themselves.  That idea is totally understandable and something needs to be done to better help those people get their lives together and get jobs so they can be off government assistance.    However when it comes to other countries using our military as a defense shield for their protection for free, no one seems to care.  We pay 7 Billion dollars a year to defend Germany alone and no one even raises an eyebrow.  Honestly where is the Tea Party in all of this?  You can’t have a movement based on limiting government spending and not at least broach the subject of wasteful defense spending.  Especially when that spending is done to defend countries all over the world, leaving our border wide open and our nation vulnerable.  That is why their movement will ultimately fail.  These congressional members that have been elected will get to Washington and cut social programs but it won’t make a dent large enough for anyone to feel the impact.  The two biggest military spenders in Europe (France and England) are currently trying to cut their military spending to close their own financial gaps to reduce their debt.  Why wouldn’t they?  We are all over the place in Europe so they really don’t need to spend anything on their military, you and I pick up that bill with our tax dollars.  I would love to hear a justification for why we need to have hundreds of bases in Europe, the problem is no one really asks the question.  So if a free handout is no good for the citizens of this country, why does no one in this country concerned when we give one to all the countries of Europe?  I have attached a few articles on this topic today for your viewing pleasure, enjoy!