This topic is honestly insane.  The Arizona immigration law was written by the CCA and handed to the Arizona legislature.  The final bill that was made into law in Arizona was almost word for word what was written by the CCA.  They spend millions of dollars per year lobbying congress to make laws tougher, so they get more people in jail, so they can make more money.  The implications of this are so dangerous that they can’t even be charted.  So when the problem with illegals is solved, who are they going to target next?  If they can make laws “tougher” to increase their head count and therefore get more tax payer dollars, where does it end?  Every prison in this nation needs to be not for profit, period.  This profiteering off human misery needs to end.  Yet I am sure there are many of you out there thinking, I would rather them do it than the government.  They are trying to make a profit so they will keep costs low and therefore we will spend less tax dollars.  That, in theory, is true.  However when they use millions of dollars to make laws more strict, that means we are spending more tax dollars to keep people who weren’t going to jail before, in jail.  Many free market types never look at the down side of profit, human greed.  If there is a buck to be made, they will do whatever it takes to make it.  That means locking up more of our nations citizens than any other nation.  And we claim that we are the most free nation in the world and that the terrorists want to destroy our freedom.  Our freedom is officially up for sale to the highest bidder!  We need to start thinking long and hard (T.W.S.S) about what crimes constitute the need for detention and what can be handled differently.  This is a major way to save money and help to heal society.  Throwing guys in prison for drugs and white color crime is insane.  If they are in for drugs, there needs to be mandatory rehab centers to treat them so they don’t repeat their crimes.  White collar criminals should be forced to give back to the communities they harmed.  They should go out and build playgrounds and clean up conservation areas.  Or go into the inner cities and help rebuild areas that can be used for positive learning/cultural centers.  Having them pointlessly sit in their cells for minor crimes while for profit prisons bleed our tax dollars into their coffers just doubles the burden to society.  Now we are paying for someone to be locked away and we are getting nothing to show for it.  Put these guys to work doing something positive.  This obviously excludes murders and other violent offenders.  They type of violations do not make up the majority of the prison population however.  So we are paying to keep non-violent offenders locked up, not to mention the court costs for the trial and various appeals.  This is why our system is broken and justice is so hard to come by.  We have a system that is overwhelmed with non-violent offenders.  It is up to the tax payers in this society to decide what kind of country we want this to be.  Right now for profit prisons are locking up your neighbors at an alarming rate for crimes you yourself may have committed and never got caught.  How can we stand idly by and allow this to happen?  It is time for our passion for saving money and tax dollars be used for the betterment of society.  Less bombs, less waste and less prisons!  I have attached articles on this topic.  Please take a minute and read about what how are freedom is being undermined even as we speak.