One of the first things Obama did when he took office was to release the actual amount of nukes our country has stock piled.  The answer was sadly not surprising.  Over five THOUSAND.  This is truly insane because that gives our military 5,113 chances to screw up and end life on this planet.  Do we really want that to be our legacy?  Why do we need this many nukes?  If something crazy happens and just one or two of those goes off it is a disaster of epic proportions.  John Kerry is currently trying to get an arms reduction treaty with Russia passed during the lame duck session in Congress.  I urge you to support him in this effort by emailing him and telling him how important it is to reduce the number of nukes in our country.  We need to work with all the nations with nukes (Israel, China, Russia, Pakistan, England and France) to bring the amount of nukes out there down to 100 per country.  That is a good place to start and an easy way to reduce spending on things that could destroy our entire country.  What has kept us from falling into another world war has been the reluctance of other nations as well as our own to join into such a massive conflict, not the amount of nukes that we have stockpiled.  It is at the point now where the biggest threat to our country is a terrorist attack with a nuke.  How will have 5,113 nukes prevent that from happening?  These terror cells are so small that using a nuke on them would be totally pointless.  We need to stand up and say that we will never use nukes again no matter what.  If a country wants to destroy us with a nuke, fine, but we will not be the ones to end all human life on this planet.  One country needs to be brave enough to take this stand in order for the process of world peace to begin.  Why not us?  I have attached an article that has a listing of all of our bombs for anyone who is interested.