It sounded like such a great idea, one plane that does it all.  Surveillance, ground cover and the ability to fight it out in the air with the best of them.  These planes were supposed to reshape maned air combat and help our aging fleet of jets.  They would also be selling these to our friends to help reduce costs.  The only problem is they keep changing the design of the plane.  So much so that prices have gone from 59 million per plane to 112 million per plane.  That is a 90% price hike!  Apparently the defense department under estimated what the costs of planes would be.  It is my opinion that they intentionally low balled the price of these planes to get the ball rolling and once it was too big to fail, they raised the price.  That could be a total myth, but it makes sense and they probably justify it by saying it will save us money in the long run.  However we are currently considering raising the retirement age to within 5 or 6 years of the average lifespan of males in this country.  So that means very few of us will live to see our retirement check that we have been paying into all of our lives.  Why is this even on the table when you can halt these expensive overblown piles of waste and save billions of dollars until we pull out of this.  Everyone all over the country is making sacrifices in this great time of need for our nation.  Everyone that is except the Defense department and the military contractors who live off our tax dollars.  They say this plane is going to take another 5 YEARS to finish.  Contact your representatives in the house and senate and say that enough is enough.  The waste has to stop and we can start by canceling this ridiculous project.  I have attached the story associated with this rant.  It is really good if you have the time to check it out.