A major argument I hear on today’s political scene is “Private industry can do everything better!”.  The logic is that when you are working for profit, you want to have the most efficient company you can to maximize the profitability therefore cutting back on waste.  There is logic in this argument.  However where this falls apart is when private “contractors” are given no bid contracts with tax payer dollars because of their government connections.  This was the case in the war with Iraq.  The whole Dick Cheany/Halliburton connection was allowed to become politicized so conservatives actually began defending Cheany rather than looking at what was actually going on.  That is part of the problem with the current political scene, both Dems and Repubs forgive their political representatives because they hate the other side so much that they willingly go to bed with the devil.  This was the case with all the Dems who voted for the war and then tried to have it both ways by saying they were against it.  It also is the case with Repubs saying they are against government spending while supporting wars and military spending which actually spends more than any single government agency.  The case I am talking about today is one riddled with fraud and political misconduct of the worst kind.  These companies that we entrusted to help service our soldiers robbed us blind and then the whole thing was covered up by our own justice department.  It is shocking to say the least yet not overly surprising considering that the whole reason we went to Iraq was based on a lie.  Using fear to paralyze the populace into an ignorant state while you open the door for your friends to rob them blind is almost unforgivable.  Couple that with the brave service men and service women who have lost their lives in this conflict and you start to get a clear picture about what these people really are all about.  They hide behind the flag while they steal from me and you without regret.  Attached is the BBC story about this whole ordeal.  Please read the article and then click on the “Watch the story in full” icon on the top right of the site.  This is yet another reason why these wars need to end and we need to remove all American personnel from the two countries that we have taken over.  This will keep happening as long as we remain there because there is literally no oversight.