If you ask Robert Gates, the answer would be spending it on more weapons we don’t need of course!  According to their own auditors, we waste 100 Billion in “bureaucratic bloat” and other unneeded projects.  They are looking to phase out that waste in five years.  However Gates want to buy more weapons with that money rather than say, use it to pay off our debt to China.  This is like being behind on your mortgage, reworking your budget to save 500 bucks a month and then spending it on a new machine gun to protect your house because you were robbed 10 years ago.  It makes zero sense yet it is allowed to happen because we as the American public are totally paralyzed by fear.  We allow the defense department to do whatever it wants as long as they promise to keep us safe.  There is very very little oversight in the department that should have the most oversight because it uses more taxpayer dollars than any other department!  That is just basic logic.  The problem with the Dems is they are constantly arguing that the rich should pay more to close the budget gap.  This kind of class warfare gets us nowhere.  Why should the rich pay more when one department wastes 100 Billion per year?!  No one should pay anything until these dinks (yup I said it) get their house in order.  We need to help them understand that we don’t vote R or D.  We vote on issues that matter and right now, we need to pay off our debt.  This is finance 101.  What good is 100 Billion dollars worth of missiles if you have to be in debt to China to get them?  Does that really make us more secure?  Plus who wants to get harassing phone calls from Chinese debt collectors?  Having a massive, bloated military is not the only way to have our influence felt around the world; it is just the easiest way.  When we owe money to China, we put ourselves in a weak position in the world community which might leads us to have to fight a war just to wipe out our debt.  Think about that, do we want to kill potentially millions of people just to get out of a debt we could easily get out of if we just stopped spending so much money on weapons?  Encourage your friends to write their representatives and president Obama supporting his plan to use the 100 Billion to help pay off our debt.  We need to get our house in order before we can continue to play world cop.  I have attached a link to an article that explians this topic in more detail.  Enjoy!