I love the concept of the private sector when it comes to companies who make the majority of their money off tax payer dollars.  These guys walk both sides of the street and no one seems to be the wiser.  They are considered “private” yet the majority of their company’s income comes from the US tax payer.   “Lockheed Martin Chief Executives Vance Coffman and Robert Stevens together earned $64.8 million from 2002 to 2006. Stevens has also realized more than $19 million so far this year by cashing in options. He replaced Coffman as CEO in August 2004.”  That bit of information came from an MSN money article I posted in the links section of this site.  This article is from 2006 and it is the  amount of tax payer money the individuals who ran these companies were given is dumbfounding.  The problem here is that these are “private” companies so the tax payers don’t get a say in if the money these guys receive is too much.  How much money should these guys get if it is mostly tax payer dollars going into their pockets?  I am not talking about socialism, I am talking about my money and why these guys feel as though they have a right to so much of it.  We need to save government dollars don’t we?  This is the main argument of the Tea Party and most republicans but the republicans are so far in bed with these companies they don’t even see their endless hypocrisy in regards to this issue.  To even suggest cutting social security or raise the retirement age while this kind of madness is allowed is total bullroar (that’s right, I said it).  The problem is that this is not a simple fix.  These are private companies and they are well within their rights to pay their CEOs whatever they want.  However again the majority of their income comes in the form of our tax dollars.  We need to send a message that if you are on our payroll,  you’re not making more than 60% of the average worker.  That would save this country millions if not billions of dollars yet no one would even consider suggesting such a thing.   People look at waste as an illegal getting health care or someone on welfare.  Those things outrage people because they consider it a handout.  These CEOs are hard workers for successful companies, but does that mean that we should just allow them to get millions of dollars and profit off of the human tragedy of war?  Most of these guys doubled their salary in two years while working the same job.  Name one person you have ever known in your life to have done that.  You cant and neither can I.  The only world that that kind of behavior exists in is the unreal world of military defense contract spending.  This is truly the wild wild west of wasted tax dollars.  These guys make too much because we allow them to.  That is the bottom line.  It is time we started to stand up and tell them no.