Wow I came across an article on yesterday that was about everything I have been blogged about for the past few weeks.  Barney Frank and Ron Paul are currently working together to try to cut military expenses.  What does it say about our society when the two congressman who are considered the most extreme and “out of touch with real American values” are the ones that make the most sense?  I guess it says that we are putting two wars we can’t afford on the credit card and running up the national debt to absurd levels.  It also appears that these ideas are not falling on deaf ears like they did in the past.  I really have to give credit to some of the incoming repubs as well.  It is nice to see some true fiscal conservatives actually getting into office and looking at EVERYTHING we spend money on to see if it is a good idea.  They are even talking about cutting the F-35 that I wrote about before.  In the least surprising news from the attached article, old war birds Joe Liberman and John McCain are saying how vital it is for us to spend 800 Billion per year on the military (they actually have the wrong amount listed as our annual military expense according to the defense departments own web site).  One of the major issues at stake are the bases in Europe.  Frank even talks about Europeans cutting their own defense spending and us still picking up the tab.  This is truly a slap in the face, why would we even discuss cutting social security while we spend over 3 billion maintaining just one base in Germany.  If you have a minute, please contact any of the people listed in the article that I have attached.  They need to hear supportive voices because cutting the military is a very easy thing to run against.  That is how all these problems began in the first place!  Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma (where the wind comes sweeping down the plain apparently) is suggesting freezing military spending until the pentagon is audited.  What a novel idea!  Why didn’t anyone else over the past 40 years think of that?  You and I get audited for no reason at all by the IRS, why not the governmental department that takes more of our tax dollars than any other?  Paul and Frank have been trying to do this for a while but no one would listen, now is the time to strike on this issue so it is very important that these lawmakers hear our support so we can start to rein in some of this insane spending.  I am happy that they have taken up sanity as an issue in congress, what a nice change of pace!