On this day, LBJ was sworn in as our president on air force one leaving Dallas.  Everyone was in shock and grief-stricken at what had just happened.  Everyone except the new president and Congressman Albert Thomas who LBJ smiled which caused him to give his world famous wink.  Now the wink, as a gesture, as just kind of odd.  Why would one wink during this time?  Afterall the only reason LBJ got to be president was because JFK was shot.  Oh yeah.  Of course four days later LBJ signed NSAM [National Security Action Memorandum] 273 which recommitted us to Vietnam and the rest was history.  Endless war was their mission and they got another 11 years of money for death until Nixon of all people ended the war.  Of course, as with our current wars, the reasons we were there were vague at best.  The official reason was to stop the spread of Terrorism err Communism but what the end result was millions of people dead and a few defense contractors becoming very very rich.  At the time the pentagon papers blew the lid off of the lies that got us into Vietnam just as Wikileaks is telling us the truth about what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Why do we allow these wars to continue?  Why do we let companies make money off of war?  These are questions we need to start asking ourselves if we want to learn from the past rather than constantly repeat it.  There is a reason Obama and Bush have almost the same policy on Iraq and Afghanistan.  That reason is they are not the ones running the ship.  Don’t believe me, read the pentagon papers, Plan of Attack or Obama’s Wars by Bob Woodward.  You get the picture that the commander-in-chief is just that in name only.