I often wonder why no one seems to remember this incident even taking place.  We have had three major peeks behind the curtian at how our modern government is run.  The first two peeks behind the curtain of how things really work in Washington were the release of the Pentagon Papers and the Watergate scandal.  Those two incidents showed us that our government was willing to go to great lengths to conceal the truth from the American public.  The Pentagon Papers showed that the reason we gave to go to war with Vietnam (Gulf of Tonkin incident) was a total fabrication contrived by the executive branch to escalate our involvement in that war.  Watergate showed just how desperate one man was at maintaining power and revealed that he was lying about our involvement in a secret war in Cambodia led by the CIA.  These incidents showed a government bent on war to keep the commies in check.  Both parties were willing participants in this charade.  Their logic was flawed and sadly we have not learned from these mistakes.  Communism failed because there was no realistic incentive to motivate people.  Doing things for the good of the country just does not jive.  People want to make a better life for themselves and to have their hard work rewarded.  There was a certain element in our government that thinks they have all the answers and that our laws are just an obsticle to be overcome.  This was on clear display on November 25 1986 when the story of the Iran/Contra debacle became public.  The CIA wanted to help Nicaraguan Contras fight a war.  Congress didn’t want to give them any more money to keep the fighting going so they used private investors, foreign governments and arms sales to Iran to fund these rebels.  The arms sales for Iran actually were for freeing hostages but the excess money was used to help the Contras.  Much of this was done without the knowledge of the president and then the president was forced to sign some back dated memos to cover for the people that did it.  This attitude of “we know what keeps America safe better than anyone, including the president” still is very much alive today.  When it comes to national security, the CIA and Pentagon run the show and the President is relegated to a yes man.  This is not what our founding fathers wanted.  I have attached a great 8 part video from youtube that goes over the whole affair in detail.  It is really scary to think about what goes on in the halls of the pentagon and CIA, it is our duty as Americans to think about it and find out what these people do in the name of “freedom”.  My question to them is what good is freedom if you do everything you can to suppress it in the name of protecting it?  Again this isn’t about Repubs or Dems.  Robert Gates was tied to this and he has worked for both a Repub and a Dem.  The sad reality is the people who we elect to office do not control our government fully.  That is a very scary thought and one we need to fully understand and rectify if we are to be considered a true democracy.