I was watching All The President’s Men today and by the end, I picked up on something that I never really got before.  The Watergate scandal wasn’t about Nixon as much as it was about those in the Intelligence agencies that refused to investigate.  These people didn’t want to do it because they were the same people who helped bug and undermine the peace movement of the late 60’s early 70’s.  Nixon was the fall guy, he was helping to cover everything up but he didn’t act alone.  He had lots of help from the CIA and FBI but those people did not lose their jobs for the most part.  They were allowed to continue on and operate behind the scenes and have long careers.  The involvement of the CIA in the Nixon Watergate went far  beyond the fact that the burglars were “Company” alumni. Hunt was ostensibly employed by Robert R. Mullen and Company, a firm that had long provided cover for active CIA agents throughout the world and had actively been involved in Bay of Pigs operations.  The owner of the firm, Robert Bennett, in addition to his CIA ties, was the Washington representative of Howard Hughes having  taken over that job from Larry O’Brien, the Democratic National Chairman, the target of the Watergate break-in.   One of Hunt’s early jobs involved Dita Beard, the loquacious ITT employee who had committed to writing her pride that a recommended bribe had earned favorable consideration for ITT with the Justice Department. Hunt, equipped with a CIA supplied garish red wig and voice alteration device, flew out to Dita Beard’s hospital in Denver and obtained crucial statements from her denying the whole thing.  The CIA supplied technical support to Hunt and his plumbers team when they broke into the offices of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist.   None of these CIA connections with Hunt received much attention 
from Woodstein. Robert Bennett and the Mullen Company are mentioned in the book, but not one word appears about the company’s 
CIA connections. The Dita Beard and Ellsberg episodes are recounted but not the CIA’s technical support. Most of these connections were well known in early 1973, almost one year before the book’s publication, yet the CIA receives hardly any mention at all.
The CIA had its hands all over this yet Nixon was the fall guy.  So these guys were allowed to go on, yet they just had to be more careful.  That is until Iran/Contra…