Was this a kick ass Van Halen concert from 1971?  No it is a 13 billion dollar project for Helicopters that never worked!  I start off this article by saying that this project has been abandoned by Obama.  Good for him.  However the money that was saved was not put towards paying off the national debt.  It was just put towards more weapons.  This is what these defense contractors do, they never give anything back even though what they do is proven to be wasteful.  Instead they just continue to take our tax dollars and cycle them through various weapons projects, some that actually work and some that do not.  This one is are real money void however and it comes from our old friends at Lockheed Martin, aka the single corporation that is responsible for wasting more of your tax dollars than any other.  At the time of this project’s cancellation, it was projected that 28 helicopters would cost 13 billion dollars.  These are helicopters to take the president various places, and they want us to foot a 13 billion dollar bill for that.  In fact members of congress actually wrote Obama and COMPLAINED that he canceled and asked for an additional 400 million to make 5 choppers operational.  The sad fact is that Americans don’t care about this stuff.  If this was 13 billion spent to create homeless shelters, there would be outrage.  If it was 13 billion spent to help people who were out of work, there would be delays in congress and republicans asking “How can we pay for this?”.  However since it is 13 billion spent on military projects, hardly anyone even brings it up or bats an eyelash.  Money is money and waste is waste.  The fact that we have already spent billions on this project that totally failed and no one ever brings it up is evidence alone that something is wrong in our government.  The fact that when the defense department wastes money and they admit that they waste money (like with this project) they solve the problem by spending what they save on OTHER WEAPONS.  That is the whole problem in a nutshell, no one is serious about paying off our debt.  If they were they would cut these useless projects and start paying off our debt with the money that is left over.  The sense of entitlement to our tax dollars is truly astounding in the department of defense.  Why shouldn’t they feel this way?  Very few members of congress hold their feet to the fire and the majority of the American public actually defends this