Our mainstream misdirection media is really so good at its job.  If the end result wasn’t so evil you would just have to admire it.  They have made the Wikileaks situation about a trumped up rape charge against its founder rather than all the truth that has been given to us.  We have gotten another look behind the curtain and reality appears to be too much for most of us to handle.  Hillary Clinton was used by the CIA to spy on the UN and other world leaders.  Saudi Arabia funds Al Quida.  Our soldiers have tortured and killed innocent civilians.  These are all facts that we now know about the government, and people are lining up to defend it.  Since when are we a nation that blames the messenger?  The national security excuse is just that, and it has been used countless times to cover up what the government has done that they are ashamed of.  Examples of this are the pentagon papers, the JFK investigation, the 9/11 investigation and Rex 84 (google that shit if you want more reality).  The government treats us like a child that has just found out that his parents are divorcing.  They lie and try to buy us over with gifts but in the end, all we want is the truth and to know we are safe.  However with each of these leaks, we start to learn that the thing that makes us less safe, is our government.  I am a firm believer in Karma and what the guys that are currently steering the American ship are creating a crapload of bad karma for this country.  That is what scares me, because behind every horrible act is a victim waiting to exact revenge on his/her oppressor.  We created Wikileaks by chosing to lie in the name of national security.  How can we then blame the people who use our own words to show the world what a bunch of liars we have been?  Where other than in the realm of American politics would this be ok?  We need to wake up and stop defending wrong actions and start embracing truth.  It is the only way to right a ship that we have allowed to drift every so slowly off course.