I have totally had it with John Kerry.  The headline in today’s Boston Globe and at Boston.com reads “Kerry pushes a late deal on ships”.  The deal would create 10 ships that cost 500 million dollars each!  He is trying to hide behind the job creation aspect of this deal (the contact would create 500 jobs) but the outrageous expense is what I am interested in.  This is the problem with the democrats.  They want to slash social security and don’t have the guts to pass a decent health care bill, yet they have no problem spending our tax dollars on ships that even John McCain says we don’t need.  They do this because it makes them look tough on defense and come election time they can come back to a state they hardly visit and say they created 500 jobs.  What they don’t say is they could have created those same 500 jobs without spending billions of dollars on military equipment that doesn’t work and we don’t need.  When a hawk like McCain says we don’t need a piece of military equipment, it is a pretty strong indictment.  According to the article in today’s globe, the ships are to be used for tasks associated with modern warfare near land, including hunting submarines, sweeping for mines, and defeating terrorists and pirates in small boats.  Really?  500 million to fight guys on rubber boats rigged with explosives.  What they hell are we using all of our destroyer ships for?  The sad fact of all of this out of control spending is we are giving Bin Laden exactly what he wants.  We are allowing fear and panic to rule us and we are bankrupting ourselves to give the nation a false sense of security.  These ships will not stop terrorists from attacking this country.  Kerry knows this and honestly doesn’t care.  All he cares about is lining the pockets of his political donors and making it seem like he is protecting us AND creating jobs in our community.  The reality is he is selling out our nations future in the name of shortsighted political gain.  He is not alone in doing this, but he is “my senator” so I am holding his feet to the fire.  I suggest anyone who cares about the amount of debt our country is currently in to write Kerry and tell him to stop pushing to build more weapons of war that we don’t need.  It is a start to get our books back in the black and stop paying interest to China on military weapons that we have no use for.  I have attached the article from boston.com for your reading pleasure.  Happy Monday!