The buzz word around Washington is belt-tightening.  Everyone has to make cuts so we can close the deficit and stop paying interest to China.  Everyone, that is, except the defense department.  This week Obama and Congress passed a 205 million dollar allocation for us to build a “iron dome” missile defense system for Israel.  That’s right, your tax dollars again going to pay for someone else’s military defense.  This is on top of another 200 million that we gave them this year for more missiles.  This relationship is starting to look like a guy that is so desperate, he will do anything to keep a girl interested in him.  He will buy her anything she wants, but the minute the guy asks for something (like say to stop building settlements) the girl gives him the middle finger and does whatever she wants.  Yet we still go back for more.  So strange.  So pile another 400 million on to foreign defense of countries other than our own and slash Social Security and Medicare.  The frauds in Washington have said time and again that “everything is on the table” to be cut because our economic crisis is so great.  What they really mean is that the tax payer gets the few benefits that they get from the government slashed while they still spend our tax dollars like Michael Jackson in Vegas.  This “iron dome” that you and I are paying for is like a bankrupt Jackson spending his last dollars on a 2 million dollar china elephant.  Only we are giving free stuff to a country that can afford to pay for this crap itself.  So actually its like a bankrupt Jackson buying the elephant for Warren Buffet as a secretary’s day present.  AKA totally pointless.  There will be another vote on this next year before it is passed.  Please ensure you contact your congress person and tell them no more defense welfare.  If we have such a hard time giving millions in welfare to poor citizens in this country, why is it OK to give billions in welfare to countries that can afford to pay for their own defense?  We are not the world cop.  Period.  I have attached an article about this topic in the links section for your reading enjoyment.  Word!