This has been going on for at least a quarter of a century now.  The first time we saw it was when Ollie North and his band of Merry Fascists sold drugs and weapons to help fund the Contras war against the commies in Nicaragua.  This was a convenient way of skirting congressional approval for aiding other countries in wars.  Selling arms to a country that hated us and continues to hate us so we can fight dictators in other countries that hate us makes sense when you live in a world that only sees permanent war and destruction.   The cocaine used to make crack, which has destroyed countless lives and decimated the urban community in LA, was given to the Bloods and the Cripts by the CIA.  That is the basis of a book and series of articles written by Gary Webb of the San Jose Mercury News.  According to Webb, the CIA sold the drugs to LA’s two major gangs and then used the cash they made from the drug sale to fund a guerrilla army named the Fuerza Democratica Nicaraguense.  That’s right, coming off the heals of the President’s “Just Say No” campaign a body of our government sold illegal drugs to fight and illegal war without congressional approval.  Keeping drugs illegal allowed them to get top dollar for these drugs and enabled them to buy the supplies they needed to fund their guerrillas.  So our government created crack.  Just let that reality seep into your brain for a minute.  Think of the countless people that your tax dollars have been used to get addicted to drugs and then help lock them away in prison for using those drugs.  This is the harsh reality that comes with allowing an offical organization that is accountable to no one and does not have to answer for its actions.  We created in monster when the CIA was brought into existence after World War 2.  Their dark history is blanketed with fascist activity and a blatant disregard for the rights of the citizens of this country.  They will stop at nothing to do what they feel is right, but why are they allowed to be the final judge and jury on what is right and what is wrong?  What the CIA doesn’t understand is that oppressive regimes will eventually destroy themselves.  Just look at the USSR, The Nazis, Pol Pot, and all the other horrible dictatorships throughout history.  They do cause terror but it is that terror that is their ultimate undoing.  By undertaking illegal activity to destroy these regimes, they have left a wake of destruction that our country is still dealing with.  This activity continues today with all the air strikes in Pakistan that we refuse to take responsibility for even though they come from drone planes.  Who else has drone planes?  These air strikes kill innocent civilians and the family members who survive then side with the causes of the people you were trying to stop in the first place.  Wouldn’t you side with whatever cause was against the nation responsible for killing your entire family, or your best friend?  That is how war continues.  Violence and destruction just brings more violence and destruction.  The CIA will never learn this lesson.  They do things in the name of freedom but they repress the very freedom that they swear to protect.  That is the reality of this monster of our own creation.  The sad fact remains that we will never be truly free in this country until the CIA is shattered into a thousand pieces.  That is what JFK said he was going to do right before he was killed.  I doubt it was a coincidence.  I have attached the Dark Alliance article for your viewing pleasure.