I keep watching the film “All the Presidents Men”.  It is just so well made and tightly written.  I had seen it before but I always took things at face value with Watergate.  It was about evil Nixon and the evil Republicans doing what the evil Republicans do.  Lying and cheating and doing whatever it took to win an election.  I allowed my preprogrammed hatred cloud the overall picture of the reality of this incident.  Watergate wasn’t about Nixon as much as it was about our intelligence community.

When Robert Redford meets with deep thought for the first time in the film, Deep Throat says “Forget everything the press tells you about the guys in the White House.  These aren’t smart guys.  They got in over their head and things got out of hand.”  He couldn’t have been more right.  The downfall of a president and the revealing that the US intelligence community tampered with and fixed national elections all started with a dumbass who taped a lock on a door because he forgot his lock pic the last time he was there.  That lead a security guard to call the police and the Watergate burglars to get arrested. 

The tapping of phones and the bugging of Democratic National Headquarters was just another step along the way of a concerted effort by the intelligence community to rig the elections towards the candidate they wanted (Nixon).  They wanted him in office because he was their ally in fighting secret wars and attacking first amendment rights for anyone who disagreed with their desire for constant war.  They were bugging John Lennon in those days and that is the kind of America they wanted.  After Watergate exploded everyone in the Nixon White House was the fall guy including Nixon himself.  The real culprits were left unscathed.

Jason Robards has a great line at the end of the movie.  Once Woodward and Bernstine say the intelligence community is behind the whole thing and Watergate is just the tip of the iceberg, Ben Bradlee (Robards) says “Who gives a shit, the new AP Poll says half the country has never even heard the word Watergate.”  This was at the peak of the scandal.  That is how they keep getting away with what they do, the general public is too stressed out from work to pay attention to the evil things the government is doing with their tax dollars.  Even if they did know, a large amount would support this behavior.  That is why we are in the mess we currently find ourselves in.  An uninformed, uncaring populace that doesn’t care that their freedom was taken away almost 50 years ago.  Well I can, and so do a lot of people.  They just need to see the light of day, a movie like “All The President’s Men” is a great place to start