“There are no controls in place sufficient enough to ensure taxpayers’ money is used for the (intended) purpose,” said Fields, whose independent office was created in 2008 to energize oversight of what U.S. auditors have described as a giant, poorly coordinated aid effort that has sunk some $56 billion into Afghanistan since 2002.”

That lovely quote comes from an article I found on Yahoo about waste in Afghanistan.  Later on in the article it said that we spend 113 Billion per year trying to take over a country that doesn’t want us.  Meanwhile, the schools and infrastructure in this country continue to fall apart.  We have been using these billions of dollars to help a people that don’t want our help.  When will we the people stand up and be counted?

We have everything backwards.  We think the majority of our tax dollars goes to the poor or medicare.  If we found out that we spent 113 Billion per year on the poor people of this country, there would be outrage.  There would be riots on the streets.  Instead we are told that that is what it takes to fund a war and no one even bats an eyelash.  Think about that.  The counter argument to this would be that that money is going towards helping keep our nation secure.  We need to spend it there so they don’t attack us here.  My answer to that is every time we kill an innocent civilian over there, we create another terrorist.  When someone’s father or mother or entire family is blown up because we missed our target, do you really think that person is going to understand that we are there for freedom?  They will side with the people we are fighting to try to avenge the deaths of the ones they loved.  Just like anyone here would. 

The reality of war is that there are never any winners.  Even after World War 2 we didn’t really win world peace.  Our allies were the commies and we aided and gave them weapons.  Then the war ended and we had a cold war against our former allies and several wars against communism in Asia.  Once communism defeated itself (because it is a bad idea that didn’t work) we created our new enemy, the terrorist.  Actually we created our new enemy while fighting our old one, like we did in World War 2.  We helped Afghanistan fight the Soviets in the 80’s and the CIA trained Bin Laden to help combat our enemies at the time.  Then we became the enemy and he used the training that our tax dollars helped fund to kill thousands of Americans on 9/11. 

So now we are training an Afgan military force to help combat the Taliban in Afghanistan.  We are spending 30 Billion a year to recruit and train these people.  Who is to say that they won’t use this training to turn around and attack us once we leave?  If history has shown us anything, it’s that our friends in war are temporary.  Let’s start writing our congress people and demand that they spend our money more wisely before it comes back to haunt us.  I have attached the article about the audit of how our money is being spent in Afganistan.  Enjoy!