ran a story about retiring generals getting used as consultants by defense firms in record numbers and with few rules telling them not to.  I can’t blame these generals for doing this, because clearly we as a nation don’t care.  We don’t care that we spend more on “defense” than every other nation on earth combined.  We just want to be told we are being made safe.  So we allow endless corruption to run our society as long as the corrupt officials tell us it is all in the name of keeping us safe.  I think we need to start demanding a little more.

To question government is to be patriotic, because even if they are doing the right thing, they need to explain why.  For instance, why do allow a General like Gregory “Speedy’’ Martin to “retire” from military service and collect a pension.  Then have the ability to work for a contractor that he used to take bids from for military contracts while working for the defense department to study “the future of stealth technology”?  He is allowed to have three tax payer funded paychecks and literally no one cares.  I find this to be highly bizarre. 

Forget the conflict of interest that is inherent in this position and just consider the basic facts, one man, three paychecks, all on our dime and it’s all legal.  The fix is truly in and all the generals of the pentagon know it.  As soon as they can collect their pension they retire only to be hired in droves by defense contractors, why, because it is all about who you know.  All these contractors are lining up for the next big tax payer funded pay day and all these generals know all the generals that are giving out the contracts.  So paying a retired general 200 grand to play golf and talk to their buddies translates to billions of dollars for these companies.  Can you blame them for doing it?  I can’t.

The problem here is two fold.  Number one is us, the ignorant populace.  We allow this to go on because we just want them to keep us safe so we can come home from our shitty job and watch Dancing with the Stars without worrying about our house being blown up.  When we hear about this stuff we say things like, “well it happens all over government, at least they are keeping us safe” and “they deserve it, they kept us safe”.  Total bullshit.  What keeps us safe is the fact that the world has gotten hip to the idea that war is bad and something that should be avoided at all costs.  We are the last civilization that spends the majority of its money on weapons (maybe North Korea but they are so small scale it is laughable).  Our biggest threat isn’t a corrupt government or a terrorist cell, it is our own ignorance.  We have a government that openly steals our tax dollars and gives it to their friends who turn around and give it back to the people who gave it to them.  The fix is on and it has been on for 50 or 60 years.  When are we going to wake up to it? 

With the advent of the internet, we now have access to information like no other time in human history.  If we are bankrupted by our military, we have no one to blame but ourselves for not taking a minute and looking at the information that is available to us.  You can’t blame them for doing stuff that we don’t seem to have a problem with.  It is time for us to start having a problem with it though, before our entire country is owned by China to pay off all of our debt.

I attached the article that I referenced.  Please read it and pass it along.