It’s back baby!  Like the crazy ex who calls your work or a pimple that keeps coming up in the same place, the air force’s biggest bonner since Tom Cruise greased himself up to play beach volleyball with Val Kilmer (aka The F-35 fighter jet).  Our nation’s biggest welfare state (aka Lockheed Martin) has allowed costs to double for the project.  Taking a once absurd 190 Billion for 2,443 aircraft to a are you fucking shitting me level of 382 Billion.  Yet our schools and roads are falling apart and we have no money to spend on anything because we are up to our eyeballs in debt.  Make sense yet?

Once thought to take ten years, the deadline to complete the military’s version of a “too big to fail” defense project has been pushed out to 2016. 

I am too big to fail. That’s what she said but it didn’t help any 😦

This is because THE THING DOESN’T WORK!  So not only is it the biggest defense expense of all time, it is also worthless.  Awesome!   This on the heels of China announcing that they are catching up to us with their vast military.  Oh wait, the just figured out the Stealth Fighter?  Didn’t Lou Grosset Jr fly that thing in the second Iron Eagle movie in 1986?  Yes right as secretary Gates made his visit to China, they unveiled their ultimate weapon that we had when we were still using rotary phones.  I believe they did this so Gates could come back to secure funding for this money void.  When do we start getting upset by all this?

I know pushing back on military spending makes politicians look weak, but it is truly the pinnacle of strength.  This is because they have the truth on their side.  We already spend more than every other nation combined on our military.  We are advanced, no one is even close to us in terms of military hardware.  What the hell is wrong with signing descilation agreements with other nations?  It benefits both nations because neither would be spending much-needed money on expensive military equipment that rarely works.  The military helped us dominate the 20th century but times have changed.  To coin a phrase we need to admit that the waters around us have grown and we should expect it that soon we will be drenched to the bone.  So we better start swimming or we WILL sink like a stong because the times are indeed a changin’.  Pay off our debt, then we can talk about your toys government.  Being in debt makes us more weak and 2000 planes won’t fix that.  China is beating us because they spend nowhere near the money on defense that we spend.  It is time we wake up to that reality.