As people who have read this blog more than once know, I have been down on the Tea Party.  It isn’t because I think the members are stupid or crazy.  It is because I felt their entire movement was based on a lie.  That was until I read an article on Yahoo stating that the Tea Party members were including defense spending in their reduction of government spending plan.  I was overjoyed and may I add, it is about damn time.

Maybe they were waiting until they got into power so they couldn’t be called “soft on defense”, whatever the reason my hat is off to them.

Who would ever imagined that I would agree with this clown?

However they need to really start looking into what these cuts actually mean.  Secretary Robert Gates recently announced that he wanted to make 78 Billion in cuts to the military budget and then simply reinvest that money into different military spending projects!  How is that saving us money again?  Everything needs to be brought into perspective, we cannot start new projects or spend billions more dollars while we are still in debt.  That is how you balance your budget at home and that is how you balance it on a federal level.

These cuts may mean losses of jobs in the short term, that is why I say use the people who make bombs and future weapons to work on the next frontier in renewable energy.  Using tax dollars to develop that kind of thing sets us up as the world power brokers for the next century so I feel it would be a good investment.  The problem with waiting for the public sector to do that can be summed up in two words Exxon/Mobil.  They want things to stay the same and for us to continue using the internal combustion engine and oil to heat our homes.  We literally need a clean break from this kind of mentality. 

Government spending isn’t always a bad thing and neither is military spending.  It gives people jobs and helps protect our country.  However allowing things to get out of control without anyone checking what we are spending money on is the reason we are in our current situation.  We need to look at what our tax dollars go towards and ask ourselves, is this worth the money.  Government can step in where the free market fails to push America towards a position of leadership in the next century.  The members of the Tea Party and the Dems and Repubs need to understand this and help push us towards a brighter future.  We the people need to help them along by contacting them and telling them how we feel.  War to gain fossil fuel is not an economically sound policy, there are too many variables to make it a worthwhile investment.  Let’s hope these guys realize that.