Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been in power for 29 years.  The United States has supported his regime every step of the way.  Mubarak has undermined freedom and free elections in Egypt the entire time he has been in office.  Yet we said nothing.  Now there is civil war, what do we expect?  Our country knowingly supports terror states as long as they play by our rules.  Yet we lie and say we are spreading democracy throughout the world, the only thing we are spreading are more dictators who are easy to control.

Our government does not want democracy to spread anywhere.  They want powerful men who are easy to control to be placed in countries that have an abundance of natural resources.  A democracy could easily vote out people who agree with us and make it hard or impossible for us to obtain things like oil and natural gas from these countries.  That is reality and Americans need to start asking themselves if they are ok with our army being used to acquire natural resources from poorer countries just to feed our endless need to consume.  The problem is, that isn’t the agruement we have.  We talk about using our army to spread democracy which is a total lie.  The elections in Iraq and Afghanistan are prime examples of this lie.  Yet our media only covers them on a superficial level.  They don’t dig deep to see if these elections are in fact real.

Wikileaks provided some insight into this by leaking communications Hillary Clinton had last spring as Egypt had yet another fraudulent election.  Clinton knew it was total BS, but did she say anything about this?  No.  She actually said that Mubarak was like “A member of her family”.  Really, she has people who torture prisoners and suppresses the rights of an entire nation in her family?  Is that something she really wants to be bragging about?  This whole problem is a result of our national ignorance on the effect that our foreign policy has on the nations in the middle east.  We kid ourselves into thinking it is about democracy when it is really about greed and control.  Some people in this nation might support that kind of behavior, it is high time that we at least starting asking ourselves if we do or not.  Wasting time asking the wrong questions only gets us into more trouble.