Now that Egypt has clearly showed us why supporting a dictatorship that represses the rights of its citizens is a bad idea.  I think it is time to turn our attention to our biggest ally in that region, Saudi Arabia.  Let us not forget that this is where 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers came from and Al Qaeda still receives the majority of its funding from this land.  Yet they are still our buddies or our “dawgs” as Randy Jackson might say.  Have you ever seen a president give the kind of PDA that the Saudi’s get?

Abdullah let Bush totally get to second base behind the rose garden. Pass it on.

We love to deal with dictators in lands rich with natural resources.  It just makes things so much easier for us.  Afterall elections and personal freedom are a pain in the ass.  Some people getting into power might not like us, and we can’t have that.  We would rather get nice and cozy with a dictator that has been there for years and who is easy to buy off.  So what if they say, have public beheadings.  At least they sell us oil at a discount.  Big deal if they repress all religious freedom, it is what OUR country is founded on.  These guys don’t need that kind of freedom.  In fact, Obama wants approval from congress to sell 60 Billion in high tech planes to this very country. 

China has a crappy human rights record.  When they recently came here, Obama and our congress let him know how displeased we were with their record of suppressing religious freedom and treating their people like crap.  It’s weird how that message seems to be very selective.  According to a Amnesty International report in July of 2009 entitled Saudi Arabia: Assaulting Human Rights in the Name of Counter-Terrorism, they king and his flunkies tried 330 people in closed terrorist trials without revealing the names of the people or what they have been charged with.  These are their own citizens that they just pick up and put on a private trial without telling anyone what they are being charged with.  Sounds like a thriving democracy that we claim to support throughout the world doesn’t it?

The same report details the Saudi government targeting peace activists who criticize the government for detention.  What I don’t get about all of this is why do we pretend to support world wide democracy?  Why do we lie about it?  Why do some people in this country still insist on believing the non-reality of our foreign policy?  We are clearly serving our own best interests.  The true irony in this is the Egyptian situation.  We support a guy for 30 years with billions in aid and then he gets thrown out by his own people who actually want the thing that we pretend to support.  The House of Saud would do well to learn a lesson from its Egyptian neighbors before they are dealing with their own uprising.  It is also high time that the American people become more aware of what kind of countries we align ourselves with.  In many ways our friends are a reflection of ourselves, in the case of Saudi Arabi, it isn’t a pretty picture.  I have attached links to some of the information I referred to in this article.