We give a billion and a half dollars every year to Egypt.  This aid is not for food or jobs or education.  It is mostly for military hardware.  The same hardware that could fall into the hands of Islamist extremists should they take over the government there.  As Egypt is undergoing a somewhat peaceful civil war, we are left to wonder what a new democratic Egypt will look like.  If these people get the oppertunity to vote, they might put someone in power who hates America.  If this happens, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.  This is the problem with our foreign policy.

Dictators are easy to control.  They tend to be extremely greedy and power-hungry so giving them some money and weapons will usually buy them off.  In the case of Egypt the weapons also served to help protect Israel and give them another ally in the region.  The only problem with this is we are arming and financially supporting a dictator and the people of the country know it.  Everytime this guy tortures and denies basic human rights to his people, they rightfully blame us.  Afterall we are the ones giving him the money and the military hardware so he becomes and extension of us.  So then islamic extremists can easily say, “America is the bad guy”.  They support this guy who represses your freedom and locks away your friends and relatives.  This builds up resentment in the community and we are now witnessing the end result.

By supporting a brutal dictator, we forego the moral high ground and allow our enemies to legitimately undermine us.  By giving weapons of mass destruction to Saudi Arabia and Egypt, we run the risk that those weapons will be then turned against us.  This has already happened in Afghanistan and we didn’t learn our lesson.  We need to start understanding that the way to world peace is not through war.  War might fix the problem temporarily, but in the long run, it just creates more war. 

We need to take a look at our foreign policy and consider, what are we trying to accomplish?  Do we want to spread democracy throughout the world, or do we only want what is best for America at the cost of freedom for many of the world’s people?  This is a very tough question because democratic freedom for all of the world means we are going to have some disagreements with some nations that we now consider friendly.  This could lead to more expensive prices on oil and other natural resources.  That is why it is imperative that we research and develop our own form of clean renewable energy.  That way democracy can spread through the world without our obstruction.  If people are allowed to live the way they want to, our world will become a less hostile place to live.  Isn’t that what we want?  I have attached an article from Boston.com about the appropriations of our aid to Egypt.  It is a great read if you have the time.