Donald Rumsfeld biggest regret is not resigning after Abu Ghraib.  I applaud him for finally admitting what happened there was a disgrace.  He allowed others to take the fall for him ordering them to systematically abuse enemy POWs.  That is a lot to have on your head, it was still weigh on him.  The sad thing is our nobel peace prize-winning president still allows this kind of torture to happen. 

The AP is running a story about how the CIA deals with cases of abuse and murder within its own ranks.  Apparently it turns out that Abu Ghraib was just a symptom to the pervasive disease of detainee abuse.  Just because the enemy beheads our soldiers, doesn’t mean we degrade their POWs.  American is better then that.  That is what sets us apart, we do not want our security forces torturing and killing their captives.  The CIA, however, has a different view.

They are more from the Jack Bower school.  Torture and kill everyone until they give you what you want.  What “24” never showed us, however, is that doing what your enemy does to win a war makes you just like your enemy.  Your actions dictate who you are and what you stand for.  Our presidents have been saying “We don’t torture” for years knowing full well that they do, in fact, torture and murder people.  This kind of behavior cannot be allowed by the American people.

It is past time that we actually started becoming the nation we already pretend we are.  We pretend like we are exporting democracy when we actually support and arm dictators.  We pretend like we live in a free society when we actually have more people in prison then any other country in the world.  We pretend like we want to bring world peace but are the only country in the world who starts wars for the past 25 years.  We do we allow ourselves to live a lie?  We either accept the fact that torture is not OK no matter what, or we embrace torture as something we do to preserve freedom.  We the people need to decide which one it is going to be.  Sitting on the fence allows the issue to continue.

Paul Rudd said what I feel most Americans think in the horrible film “Dinner for Schmucks” “It’s like the CIA.  I don’t care what they do, as long as they keep us safe”.  We feel the same way and it is time to change that attitude.  Our actions speak louder than our words, it is time we started acting like the country we pretend we already are.  I have included the link to the AP CIA story if you are interested.