Our current national energy policy is unsustainable.  I am not giving anyone born with a brain stem any new news there.  The big argument against alternative energy is always cost.  It is not cost efficient compared to oil and therefore will never work.  To that I call bullshit.  Lost in this debate is the fact that two-thirds of our oil comes from Saudi Arabia, a nation that still funds Al Qaeda and has a dictator that we support in exchange for oil.  So basically we have sold our soul so our kids can watch TV in the back of our SUVs.  Awesome.

What critics of alternative energy don’t factor into their cost analysis are the tax breaks we give to oil companies, the cost of our military bases in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Afghanistan to protect our oil investment and the environmental toll it takes on our country (gulf oil spill anyone).  When adding all these costs up, the price of every barrel of oil skyrockets to about 480 bucks per barrel.  This means it is actually costing you 325 dollars every time you fill up your SUV. 

Our addiction to foreign oil is at the root of many of the problems in our society.  Make no mistake, we are fighting these wars in Iraq and Afghanistan because of oil.  Iraq is the number 2 oil-producing country in the world right behind Saudi Arabia.  As of 2008 the Iraq war has cost this country a staggering 3 Trillion dollars, our national debt is currently 1.5 Trillion and taxes are currently at a 60 year low.  So that war has gone on our credit card and it has put us into debt with our biggest rival, China, all just to keep our oil addiction going.  If we were a junkie, we would totally be Marky Mark at the end of Boggie Nights walking into Alfred Molina’s house with our retarded porn buddies and a gun.  We all know how that turned out.

We could already have battery technology that would make electric cars cheap and efficient if we have spent half of our oil money on battery technology ten years ago.  I am convinced of this.  Instead George W got into office and decided to throw his oil buddies a lifeline and use the blood of American soldiers to buy a few more years of oil dependence.  It is time we said enough is enough. 

Real defense spending in the 21st century is going to have to be very different if we want to remain on top.  Wars like World War 2 are a relic of a distant past.  No one wants global war anymore, the entire world has moved on.  Our enemies now fight us with box cutters and use our own freedom against us to incite fear.  They do this so we give in to fear and kill ourselves trying to protect our freedom.  The terrorist are currently winning this fight.  We are bankrupting ourselves and stretching ourselves too thin by trying to secure energy resources that are slowly becoming obsolete. 

I think a better strategy would be to invest in clean, renewable energy technology that we can control.  That is the key to winning the war on terror, to make the middle east obsolete.  If we invent renewable energy, it makes their greatest asset obsolete and unusable.  Why do our politicians not see this? 

The downside of our capitalist system is the influence money can buy.  For over 100 years, the oil industry has bought its way into our political system on both sides of the aisle.  However, since we have very few oil reserves left in this country, their way of thinking has fallen out of step with the best interests of this nation.  It is time we started demanding that energy be made in America.  The savings that would provide to our country would be astronomical, we just have to have to guts to make it happen.  I have added some great articles on the real cost of oil that you should check out if you have the time.