Right now I have zero idea who is in charge of our country.  I know in the constitution it say we are supposed to have three separate but equal branches that run the show.  In reality money is running our government.  Whoever has the most money, generally gets what they want.  The weird thing in our country is all the money that is buying influence in Washington comes from the taxpayers and just gets recycled through the system.  So it is kind of a Frankenstein’s monster of waste, subversion and repression.

“It was on everyone’s lips, I just gave it a name.”  That is what Tyler Durden said about Fight Club and it rings true about the populace’s current relationship with its government.  We know they are totally fucking us, we just need to see how they are doing it.  The president has decided that cutting funding to help people heat their homes while still allowing the defense department to burn through billions of dollars is the way he wants to go.  He submitted a 671 billion dollar defense budget to congress again more then every other country on earth COMBINED.  The really sick part though is that Congress is refusing to cancel an engine that the pentagon DOESN’T EVEN WANT?!?!  Seriously what the fuck is going on?

The engine would cost tax payers 6 Billion dollars and Congress is insisting on allowing the funding.  So the pentagon doesn’t want it, the president doesn’t want it, so build it baby!  This is a small example of the dark path our country continues to slide down.  We are addicted to this kind of spending.  If we canceled all these defense contracts, then a whole lot of people who got rich on tax payer dollars would be pissed and they would spend their money putting someone in office who is going to give them what they want.   All using the money that they got from the tax payers to begin with.  The system is clearly broken.

We, the people, need to break the cycle.  Our representatives need to be told to stop spending money on this crap.  If we make our voices loud enough, they will listen.  The Tea Party had the right idea, just the wrong direction.  Government spending is still totally out of control despite all these Tea Party types getting into office.  Why?  Because the American people don’t have a clue as to what we actually spend money on for the most part.  They have no idea that we spend more than every other country combined on the military.  They are never told this by NPR or Fox News or MSNBC.  It just isn’t a part of the national debate on government spending and it is what we spend the most on.  The insanity has to stop somewhere.

I implore you to contact your representatives and ask that they vote against the second engine for the F-35.  6 billion isn’t much but it is a good place to start.  I have attached articles in the link section to Obama’s budget and the F-35 engine debate.