Thank God for Lt. Colonel Michael Holmes. Without his commitment to honesty, we may never have know just how far our military has fallen.   The fascist takeover of our government by our military is something that has been slowly happening since the end of World War 2.  The invention of the military industrial complex led to far greater military power and influence being welded in our government.  Generals who make decisions on what funds go to what defense contractors then go to work for those same contractors as advisors while still collecting six figure government pensions.  Corruption is rampant and it is coordinated to manipulate our lawmakers and the citizens of this country into giving the military more of our tax payer dollars.

This isn’t me just writing an OP ED on the topic, this is fact according to this Rolling Stone article:

By using Psy-Ops against its own people, our army has broken federal law.  Think about that for a second.  The ones in charge of protecting us and upholding the constitution are so desperate to keep up a unwinable war that they shred the constitution to do it.  There can be no more debate, there can be no more sitting on the fence and there can be no more excuses.  This war has to end. 

I don’t know what is sadder about the above article, the fact that it happened or the fact that I wasn’t at all surprised.  We used 6 million dollars of tax payer money to help the army get even more tax payer dollars with this operation.  That is total insanity yet it is largely ignored in today’s budget debates.  Obama and the Republicans don’t want to put military spending or surveillance spending on the table.  They all are afraid to talk about the elephant in the room.  We spend over 6 times what our nearest competitor spends for defense.  That puts our country at a competitive disadvantage and does not make us any more free.

The current crisis in the middle east is showing us just how insane our “War on Terror” really is.  We are spending all this money and sacrificing thousands of brave soldiers for what?  What are we going to get out of this?  The people of these countries are no longer going to sit there and allow us to control their countries through puppet dictators and false democracy.  They want the real thing, just like everyone else in the world.  It is time we started to get smart with our federal spending instead of giving it to dictators who are going to eventually be thrown out just so we can steal some natural resources from their countries.

Energy independence is true national security.  As we can see from this article, extended war for resources brings nothing but lies and manipulation.  We need to wake up and start having a more realistic view of the world.  Our oil and energy industries must start making renewable energy development a priority.  It is no longer an issue of profit, it is an issue of highest national security.  The longer we delay pulling out of these wars and staying dependent on foreign oil, the less free we are.  If this article tells us anything, it’s that our military can no longer be trusted.  We need to limit their funds and start spending on technology to buy our energy independence.  That, and not endless war, is the real future of our demoracy.