The word crisis in Chinese means disaster and opportunity.  As we watch the horrific disaster unfold on the island of Japan, many of us can’t help thinking how America would respond to such a disaster.  As we see Japanese nuclear plants continue to have minor meltdowns (whatever that means), rational people all over this country have to worry about what would happen to our nuke plants if there was a similar natural disaster.  As usual our current energy policy has a direct impact on national security.  In this case, our energy policy could be the means of our destruction. 

We have 104 nuclear power plants in America now.  23 of those plants were built similarly to the ones now experiencing meltdowns in Japan.  We need to look at this reality and ask ourselves, is this in our best interests?  Is having 104 nuclear plants dotting our landscape across the country in our best interest?  These plants do give us a degree of energy independence but at what cost?  If just one of them has a meltdown due to damage caused by an earthquake, is it worth the potential catastrophic loss of human life? 

Since 9/11 our government has done a great job of securing these plants and trying to update them to prevent this very situation.  However can they guarantee total security for these plants?  Of course they can’t. 

What this situation and the current developments in the middle east and last year’s gulf oil disaster show us is that we are in desperate need for clean, safe, renewable energy.  This will take a lot of federal funding to get done and we have very little to spare.  Our elected officials need to start looking at what we are spending on energy and if it is worth it.  Why take the risks associated with nuclear energy when we are on the cusp of clean, renewable energy.

Most of the nuclear plants we now have are safer than the ones in Japan, but no nuclear plant will ever be 100 percent safe.  Why continue to  Contact your representative and ask them to support it!