We spend 400 Million dollars every year funding NPR.  That is a lot of money and I understand the right wingers point of view on this.  They don’t listen to NPR and are told by Fox and right-wing radio that NPR is a total left-wing hack fest.  If they did in fact listen to NPR they would realize that NPR strives to give balanced coverage and equal time to both points of view.  This, however, is beside the point.

If we are ever going to solve our debt crisis, we are going to have to start looking at what we spend the majority of our tax dollars on.  We spend 6.7 billion every MONTH in Afghanistan alone.  THAT is the problem with our government right there.  The fact that they waste valuable time talking about a 400 million dollar yearly expense when we have an almost 7 billion dollar monthly expense that is barely brought up.  Both sides are to blame for this.  Obama could end the war tomorrow, he has the power to do this, but he won’t.  He would rather endlessly argue about Don’t ask Don’t Tell or the Defense of Marriage act while our country goes bankrupt fighting unwinnable wars.  It is a shell game and the Tax Payers are the ultimate losers.

The problem is, no one really gives a shit.  We spend 10.7 Billion every year on law enforcement costs fighting the war on pot alone.  That is what 20 times the cost of NPR to arrest people for smoking dope?  INSANITY!  Think of what that money could go towards, especially now when we are strapped for cash and there aren’t enough jobs to go around.  Our government doesn’t think like that though.  To end the war on pot would constitute a major change in government policy and that is not what they want.  They want to continue as is and fight stalemate battles rather than doing something that would actually help to pay off our debt.

The funding for NPR will not be taken away.  This bill will go to the Senate and will get shot down, so Congress has just wasted everyone’s time and money on an issue they can never win.  If anything is ever going to get done these two sides need to start working together and find places in the middle ground where money can be cut.  I believe the war in Afghanistan and the war on drugs are two such places. 

The war on drugs is really a war on freedom.  It is the government telling you what you can and can’t do.  This is something that every right-winger professes to hate yet they EMBRACE the war on drugs with open arms.  It costs them billions in tax dollars with zero results yet they never speak out about it.  Why is that?  I feel that there is a major contradiction among the right wingers on this issue but the left-wing is the same way.  They supposedly want to help people yet they stand idly by while millions of people are locked up for minor drug offenses costing the tax payers billions of dollars.  Rather than insisting that people get drug counseling or legalizing drugs and taxing them, they stand by and watch people get repressed just for doing something they want to do.

Both right and left wingers are currently fighting against change.  They pick at each other and don’t get anything done.  If we want real change to happen we have to get involved.  There is plenty of injustice out there and plenty of ways to pay off our debt.  Attacking small government expenses is not going to get the job done and they know it.  It is time left and right stop arguing and start finding common ground before we allow hatred to turn this into a third world country.