We trained Osama Bin Laden.  We wanted him to help us fight the Russians in Afghanistan in the 80’s so the CIA armed and trained him.  How did that work out for us?  The sad thing is we didn’t learn our lesson from that tragic mistake and we continue to sell arms to dictators in the middle east without even a thought of the future. 

In 2009 the US made 40 billion dollars in foreign arms sales.  Included in this were 1 million dollars in sales of airplane parts to Libya.  There was also a pentagon approved bill that would have sold 76.7 million dollars worth of armored troop transports to Libya as well, increasing the mobility of their army.  Thankfully that bill was stalled in Congress and is now dead.  However the fact that the army approved it should speak volumes to their mentality.  They WANT to sell weapons to anyone knowing well that they one day those weapons might be used against us.  They are in the business of war after all and you can’t fight a war if the other side doesn’t have weapons.

As president Eisenhower said years ago, the greatest threat to our national security is our own military industrial complex.  This is because it is a private industry that’s only source of income is war.  Without war, this massive US industry would no longer exist.  It is pretty simple, they not only want war but they NEED war to exist.  If there were peace, why would we need to spend hundreds of billions of dollars every year to pay for weapons we don’t need?  They are allowed to arm countries who might be friendly now, but could turn into enemies very quickly than our own weapons would be used to kill our own soldiers.  On what planet does this make sense.

The military industrial complex needs to be disbanded.  That action would come with risks to our national security on some level.  However we dealt with those risks and fought and won the largest war in the history on the planet.  I am sure any military challenge in the future could be fought and won the same way.  We have seen first hand the dangers associated with arms sales, how can we continue to turn a blind eye to these dangers and allow our privately run publicly funded defense industry continue to make America less safe?  That is the most important question of our day yet no one even bothers to ask it.  That is why we are living in such dangerous time.  Most of the challenges we face are of our own creation.  It is time we became aware of this fact and told our government enough is enough.

Here is the story about foreign arm sales: