So NPR is clearly the problem in this country.  Not the endless flow of money into the repressive, ineffective “drug war”.  This week Senator Charles Grassley asked the ATF why the ATF sanctioned the sale of hundreds of assault weapons to suspected straw purchasers, who then allegedly transported these weapons throughout the Southwest border area and into Mexico.  That was a direct quote from his letter.  Their response?  (Enter circuit noise).

They didn’t get back to the Senator of course.  The official story is that the ATF wanted to track where the guns went, that’s why they asked gun owners to sell guns illegally to drug cartels.  Our tax dollars hard at work!  Who does this?!  Who thinks it is a good idea to sell fire arms to drug dealers just so you can find out what drug dealers the guns go to?!  This is all insane, yet it is just another chapter in the long, horrible history of the war on drugs.

Controlled delivery is what they call this kind of law enforcement technique.  However using drugs to do it is one thing, using assault rifles to do it is a whole other can of worms.  Those guns can be used to kill ATF agents for god’s sake.  Do they not get that?  In fact one of the very guns shipped over there, according to a Fox News (god help me) article, ” two of the weapons that the ATF allegedly sanctioned to be sold to straw purchasers were sold to Mexican gangs and “were then allegedly used in a firefight on December 14, 2010, against Customs and Border Protection agents, killing CBP Agent Brian Terry”.  So their actions has already led to one guys death.  Is it not clear what this war on drugs is all about?

This war is not about solving America’s drug problem.  It is about keeping the war going.  If the drug problem was solved, there would be no ATF or DEA.  Many prisons would be closed costing thousands of guards and warden’s their jobs.  They don’t want this war to end because it is job security for them.  However it is part of what is bankrupting this country.  We can no longer afford to have 10% of our population in jail.  Tax payer dollars that can be used for education or jobs or anything that doesn’t involve locking people away for doing something they want to do.

This is the ultimate right-wing issue, yet they are on the wrong side of it.  Tax payer dollars being used to repress freedom and all they can talk about is NPR.  Who gives a shit about NPR!  That money is peanuts compared to the waste that goes on in the drug war.  We need a sensible national drug policy.  One that involves taking away major sources of income for drug dealers rather than supplying them with guns!  I should have to even type that but that is how far we have fallen in this drug war.  We are now arming the bad guys so they can shoot our guys and then the ATF can demand more funding.  That is the level of insanity this war on drugs has reached and it needs to end!  Here is the Fox News article.