As we are seeing with our current budget debate, free press in America is a total illusion.  The debate is framed by the Dems and Repubs in Washington.  There is zero talk of scaling back military spending.  It might be brought up here and there, but it is always dismissed as a threat to “national security” whatever that means. 

According to this website:

“A declassified memo discovered by lawyer Jesse Trentadue, whose brother died in the Oklahoma City bombing, has revealed that, in the 90s, the FBI had considered a top ABC News journalist a potential informant in the wake of the bombing The unnamed journalist is described as having been cooperative in helping the FBI determine the confidential source of a tip sent in to the network.”

What this means is that a very serious line has been crossed, however, this is nothing new.  Operation Mockingbird has been happening in this country ever since 1948.  If you don’t know what that is, educate yourself (with Wikipedia lol):

This unnamed ABC “journalist” was giving information about his/her sources to the FBI from 1995/1996, nice journalistic ethics there.  Just rat everyone who talks to you to the feds.  A free and independent press is necessary in a democracy.  The fact that a reporter for one of the biggest news agencies in the country was a FBI informant should tell you all you need to know about American democracy.  It has been dead for a long time. 

There are flashes of life in the media, like Watergate and Iran/Contra but mostly our government can break any international or national law it wants without fear of exposure. The media plays a big role in this because the government has nothing credible holding it in check.  It is like having no parents when you are a kid, you will just do whatever you want to make you happy.  What makes our government happiest is spending on weapons and tools of repression. 

That is why they are allowed to spend almost as much as the rest of the world combined on the military and have more citizens in jail than any other country.  The media simply ignores these facts when the discussion of government spending comes up.  It is always about “entitlement programs” (a phrase coined by the GOP and adopted by the media).  They don’t even scratch the surface to look at both the human and financial toll our four wars are costing the country.  Why?  Because that would involve going against what the government wants.  As seen with this article, why would a journalist go against someone they are working for?  That is one of the biggest threats facing our country today.

Look at what happened during the run up to the Iraq war.  Every “expert” on TV was a paid government military operative.  This wasn’t just on Fox, it was on every freaking station.  The media were used by our government as a propaganda tool to push its war agenda onto an unsuspecting public still in shock from the horror of 9/11.  They created a drumbeat of war without even bothering to check to see if what they were being told by our government was in fact true.  When it turned out to be all lies, what did the news media do?  NOTHING!  These guys are so lazy they make “The Dude” look like Woodward and Berstine. 

Ultimately the responsibility for finding the truth resides with us, the American public.  The internet allows us to have access of thousands of declassified documents that speak the truth about our past.  Now, thanks to wikileaks, the truth about how our government operates is right in our face and we STILL refuse to listen and hold their feet to the fire.  This desperate shell game that our government plays can only happen as long as we refuse to inform ourselves of the truth.  The truth about what our government spends its money on compared to other nations.  Ultimately that is our only comparison because we compete with these nations financially. 

When China has a billion more people and has 2 million fewer people in their jails, you know there is a problem.  We feel the need every time they come here to point a finger at them and say they violate human rights and are repressive towards their people.  They are repressive, but not nearly as repressive as us.  That is a sad fact that, thanks to a complacent media, will never be told.