There are plenty of ways for the government to solve it’s currently problems.  They will ignore each one, however, and continue to argue about abortion.  The abortion issue is something that will never be resolved to the satisfaction of both sides.  It is the perfect red herring.  I don’t mean to be crass because it is an issue regarding human life, but does it really cost us so much money that we should be seriously discussing it on the verge of a government shutdown?  Of course not.

The fact is the dems and repubs don’t want to talk about what is really costing our country billions of dollars every month.  They are part of a spending addiction that they believe is vital to the American way of life.  The security industry is a billion dollar government-funded farce that brings misery to millions of citizens across this country.  These officials like it because it keeps people afraid of standing against the powers that be.  It is job security for them really.  However when we find stories like this one:
How can we the people in this country not say, something has gone horribly wrong and it is right at our border.  The 59 people found in that grave were more than likely victims in the never-ending drug war.  We the people need to start asking ourselves, is this war really worth it. 

What are we getting out of this drug war?  Last year America spent 35 billion dollars fighting the war on drugs.  Has it worked?  Are drugs less available and are our streets safer?  One real effect is that it has over run our prison system with millions of non-violent offenders.  We pay to have those people investigated, put on trial and jailed.  All the people who perform those state functions require tax dollars to make their jobs possible.  Now we are starting to get a clear understanding about the reality of the drug war. 

Pot is still illegal.  If it were ever made legal, hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officials would be out of jobs.  This would save tax payers billions of dollars in court costs and jail costs.  There is also the added benefit of taxing pot.  Which would be a much better alternative than just allowing drug dealers to profit from the drug tax-free so they can build an illegal empire.  However I doubt this will happen anytime soon.

In order for real change to happen, there needs to be a culture change.  Pot is still regarded as a hippy drug or whatever.  People don’t care about people who get thrown in jail for drugs.  However it is their tax dollars that goes towards keeping these non-violent offenders in jail.  Why is the Tea Party not interesting in looking into this topic to see if we are getting our moneys worth?  Because it is very hard to go against these kinds of people politically.  They make you look like you are “soft on crime”.  So the Tea Party chooses to attack teachers instead of the government officials that actually repress people’s rights.  What does it say about our society when it is politically easier to attack education than a failed drug policy?  It says that something has gone horribly wrong.

There are plenty of ways our government can close this budget gap, they just choose not to see them and keep fighting unwinnable wars.  They do this because they are addicted to repressive government spending.  Ending the drug war would save us at least 35 Billion dollars, yet we argue about the millions of dollars it costs to fund NPR and planned parenthood.  Those are both worthy debates, however not when we are bleeding out billions of dollars every month fighting a prohibition war against things that people want anyway.  We the people are the only ones with the power to stop this.  The only question is, we will stand up and be counted?

Below is the Drug War Spending clock.  We are spending 500 dollars every second on this war.  Why doesn’t anyone even ask, are we getting our moneys worth?