The most pathetic thing about our political system is just how very predictable it all is.  This past week saw the Repubs make a hard charge at slashing spending for planned parenthood and NPR.  They knew this would fail.  They did it to rally their base.  Now Obama is going to come out with his budget which would include taxing the rich.  He is doing this to rally his base, let’s not take the bait.

The rich need to pay higher taxes.  There is no doubt about that.  When GM legally pays zero taxes , there is something seriously wrong with the system.  I get all of that.  Taxing the rich and reducing Medicare will get us nowhere.  We will still be fighting endless wars and still have more people locked away in jail than any other country in the world.  We need to ask ourselves, what kind of country do we want.

It is a pretty sad day when doing what is right is a major political move.  It’s like making headlines for washing your hands after going to the bathroom.  Like, yes the rich should pay taxes just like everyone else…moving on.  However it isn’t that simple.  We are so very right-wing in this country that rich people not paying taxes is actually debated seriously!  This keeps us from debating more serious topics and keeps rich and poor fighting each other while they should be fighting together to cut what government really spends our money on so we ALL pay less taxes.

People don’t even think about what we get from defense spending and the fighting the war on drugs.  That isn’t even a real debate in this country.  We just allow our government to throw endless money into a pit and turn a blind eye to it.  We get wrapped up in hating planned parenthood or Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman while totally ignoring the reality of what our government actually does with our money.

What have we gotten out of the drug war?  We spend billions every year and has it limited illegal drug use in this country?  Of course not.  We spend 30 Billion per year and get zero in return.  The human toll this war is taking is indescribable.  Actually that’s wrong, I can describe it.  We have more people in prison than any other country and the tax payers are footing the bill for it.  That is one price that we pay.  Here is the other:

That’s right.  Mass graves on our border.  People are being slaughtered to keep our insane drug policy going and there isn’t even a debate in this country about if this is a good idea.  We are such good little lap dogs that we just sit there and allow our government to lock more and more people up for doing what they want to do.  When are we finally going to say enough is enough?

Obama is going to come out with his budget this afternoon.  It will not address these issues.  He will throw a bone to liberals by asking for more taxes for the rich.  The right-wing will come back and say HE IS RAISING TAXES and that will be the debate going into the next election.  I implore you not to take the bait and get dragged into a unwinable war of words.  Instead contact your representative and tell them to reduce military spending and legalize pot.

Legalizing pot alone would cut the mexican drug lords money in half and reduce our spending on trying to repress that drug.  According to this article in Time:,8599,1821697,00.html

42% of Americans have tried smoking pot.  They did the same survey in the Netherlands (where it is openly tolerated) and 20% of the people tried it there.  So the Netherlands pays nothing to regulate pot and 20% of their population does it and we pay billions every month to try to regulate pot and 42% of our population has tried it.  What more evidence do we need?  Our war on drugs actually INCREASES drug use!  Why can’t we start there when thinking about slashing our federal budget?

It is beyond time that we started acting like adults when it comes to federal spending.  Clearly just attacking what the other sides loves is never going to work.  We need to look at what really does not work in our country and work together to fix it.  Constantly fighting over small amounts of government funding will just lead to more division in our country.  That is exactly what the government wants.  Why do we insist on letting them have their way?