Every tax payer in America gave Locheed Martin 260 bucks last year.  So GE gave them 0 because they didn’t pay any taxes but I digress.  According to this article:  http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/7866085-the-lockheed-martin-tax-260-dollars-per-us-taxpaying-household-per-annum

This “private industry” works “not just for the Dept. of Defense but the Dept. of Energy, Dept of Agriculture and Environmental Protection Agency. The firm does surveillance and processes information for the CIA, FBI,, IRS, the National Security Agency, the Pentagon, the Census Bureau, and the Postal Service. Whenever the government wants to privatize something it knows where to look. Lockheed Martin was even involved in training your friendly TSA agents who give you a friendly feel and pat on the bum when you go through security.”

So they have their fingers in so many important cogs of the government pie, the question is how exactly are they a “private” industry when they make so much of their profits from government payouts?

According to this article in the from The New York Times:


“former Lockheed executives, lobbyists and lawyers hold crucial posts at the White House and the Pentagon, picking weapons and setting policies”.  This article was from 2004 but still, crossing the line from lobbying for a government contractor then working for the government that gives out the contracts is, at the very least, a conflict of interest.

After 9/11, our military has become more and more privatized.  As we have seen with private companies like Blackwater, what this means is less accountability and more shady behavior.  You see, private companies don’t have to follow any rules, they make the rules for themselves.  Like when you make the majority of your money from tax payer dollars, you can pay your CEO whatever you want.  However almost every penny he makes is given to him by John and Jane Q taxpayer.  How do we not get a say in what they are paid?  Afterall, they are receiving our tax dollars as the majority of their pay.  This is the failure of private companies contracting with the government.

If the CEO of a private company that made all it’s money off of contracts for say helping the homeless, gave himself a 20 million dollar payday people would be up in arms.  Since these companies build weapons and help fight wars, people don’t care.  That is why this crap is allowed to continue, because right wingers AND left wingers in this country let the military do whatever they want as long as they say it is for our protection.  However, what they don’t say is 9/11 was a huge financial windfall for them.  They made billions of dollars in contracts for military spending as a direct result of that event.  That makes me suspicious.

The problem with having major compaines exist only to make weapons and have so many of their employees now work for the government is that world peace is in direct conflict with their interests.  If there were world peace, these companies would no longer exist.  So as long as these compaines exist, there will never be world peace.  The problem with the American people is the majority of us think there will always be war, and why shouldn’t we.  Throughout human history, there has always been war.

It is time that we starting thinking of things differently.  Instead of provoking China into another arms race, why don’t we start signing arms reduction treaties with them?  These would save both countries money and give us far more security then threatening each other by making more and more weapons of mass destruction.  A good start to the peace process in this country would be removing any and all former defense contractor employees from their positions in our government.  Then we must pass a law forbidding a former employee from any government contractor to ever have a position in government again.  This risk of corruption is far too great to allow this kind of incestious behavior to continue.

If we truly feel the need to start saving money, we should start looking at what we spend all our money on.  It is easy for us to attack the poor and the elderly because they can’t fight back.  They don’t have enough money to buy a voice in our political system.  Their only voice is their vote.  Voting for Senators and Congressmen/women who bliding support contracts for these companies work in direct conflict with the best interests of the majority of the people in this nation.

As Dwight D Eisenhower once said “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.”  Republicans and war supporters like to ignore the words of the leader of our troops in World War 2 beacuse they are in director opposition of their intrests.  It is time we started listening to these words and making them a part of our public policy instead of an uncomfortable reality.