OVER 1 TRILLION DOLLARS?!  Because that is how much we have spent to kill him.  Wave that flag baby!  Only 1.6 TRILLION!  Close dem der schools, our navy seals done shot that towel head in da eyeball!  It’s just like Call O’ Duty on dem der X-Box!  That was the reaction in 9 out of 10 homes just south of the Mason/Dixon line.

As much as I would like to only make fun of the south, that is the same reaction I see everywhere.  People are brought to tears of joy thinking that a guy got shot.  The guy that is responsible for over 3,000 people’s deaths.  One question I don’t hear asked is, was he worth it?

Was he worth over 1 trillion dollars?  Was he worth the lives of over 7,000 coalition soldiers?  Was he worth the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Are we safe now?  Is the war over?  The answer to all of these questions is no.

Killing just brings more killing.  It has to stop somewhere.  Killing Bin Laden has cost this country so much.  He was located by torturing someone at Gitmo.  Was it worth it?  We invaded another country that we are not at war with to kill him.  Was it worth it?  For one man we have pissed off an entire religion and made more enemies than friends.  WAS IT WORTH IT?

Revenge is a dish best never served.  There is something to be said for not stooping to the level of your enemy.  Anger and hatred make us just like those we hate.  We hate their anger and hatred towards us, so we hate them right back!  Hate me and despise me all you want, but I will do my best to turn the other cheek.  That is what is going to end this endless war, until then, this is just another case of an eye for an eye leaving the whole world blind.