Obama is doing a great thing by bringing immigration back to the forefront of the national political discussion.  Our currently policy of  standing pat and letting the chaos continue at our southern border is madness.  I agree that there needs to be a “Widespread Movement” to solve the problem. 

Where he loses me is his desire to increase funding for the drug war.  He wants to continue to add “boots on the ground” to fight a war that is already lost.  The reason there is much bloodshed and fighting at the border is because of the drug war.  Take that away and suddenly Mexico isn’t that bad of a place.  Drug dealers would no longer be running the country and dumping bodies into mass graves.  What a revelation! 

The instability of Mexico directly affects our national security.  Our backwards drug policy has allowed Mexican Al Capones to run rampant in that country.  Now it is like the wild wild west and we are responsible.  This is how our government wants it.  The CIA wants these drugs to be illegal so they can fund their illegal activities without having to pass them through Congress.  You know, the pain in the ass also known as democracy.  Can you blame the citizens of Mexico for wanting to leaving that country in droves?  It is utter chaos.

If we make it easier for these refugees of the drug war to become citizens that is like putting mighty putty on a crumbling dam.  Yes it might stop some of it (because mighty putty is just that good), but the root cause of the problem is still left unsolved.  We have to look beyond the surface and figure out why so many Mexican citizens desperately want to come to America.  Would anyone reading this blog want to remain in a country that is run by drug lords? 

The solution to this problem is pretty simple.  Just freaking legalize pot.  That’s it.  You don’t have to legalize heroin or cocaine.  If our country made pot legal, at least 40% of the drug lords business would be gone.  That’s 40% less that these guys have to buy guns and politicians.  That would be a massive blow to the corruption and instability that is currently rampant in Mexico.  How can Obama not see this? 

We spend almost 40 billion dollars per year trying to fight the drug war.  Imagine what we could do with that money.  This is not how we think in this country however.  We are conditioned to believe that if we made any drug legal that is currently illegal, it would mean the downfall of our society.  Everyone would be on heroin, coke and pot and our nation would collapse.  This is insanity.  We don’t have to look any further than Portugal to see what a crock of BS that mentality is.  Yet we buy it.  We let them create chaos at our border and displace millions of people because we are too lazy to look at reality. 

It is time for liberals and conservatives to realize that we have the same goals.  The immigration issue is a prime example of this.  The problem is we get bogged down in the details and miss the big picture.  Although Obama is doing a good thing by bringing this issue to the forefront, he isn’t doing anything about solving the actual problem.  It is up to us to say enough is enough and finally do something to fix this issue.  Otherwise it will just be more endless government waste with no resolution.