You gotta just love Jon Stewart.  The guy just has a knack of telling it like it is.  I really didn’t want to delve into this whole Fox News/Common crapstorm.  It is just such a non-issue but that, in a way, was why I got sucked into it.  The blatant hypocrisy of it all is maddening yet totally American at the same time.

Didn’t Bill O’Riley say that he would advocate for the end of the Iraq war if there were no WMDs?  How many people have been killed in Iraq under false reasons since then?  Yet he is totally up in arms over a guy that wrote some raps about people who have been convicted of crimes he believes they didn’t commit.  So because he visited someone in Cuba that he believes to be innocent of a crime, then going to the white house is somehow…ugh you know what, WHO GIVES A SHIT?!

Oh all the things that Obama does, like saying he is going to have the most open presidency in history and then suing more whistleblowers than any other president in history.  He picks a rapper who didn’t commit a crime, but just rapped about someone he thought was innocent of one.  Again, who cares?!

The propaganda machine of Fox uses its bully pulpit as a shell game.  They constantly are moving the shells around as a distraction from the real issues.  There is so much they could criticize Obama for, yet they choose such an insignificant topic that it is just insanity.  This is modern journalism and it is a nightmare for our country.

Modern journalism is in the distraction business.  From Arnold’s marriage to the royal wedding, meaningless events dominate the average news cycle while we continue to jail people at a record rate.  We start wars for invalid reasons and fight them for longer periods than at any other time in our nations history while the media endlessly debates how rap music and is destroying our nations values.  Rap music and the amount of violence on TV and in films are a direct reflection of how our countries feels about violence.  Violence has become the norm.

So while talking heads endlessly debate this issue they need look no further than our own government.  We torture, we start wars, we kill innocent people, and we have the death penalty.  This is who we are and yet the media looks at the rappers as being the problem in our society.  It is all backwards.

Our biggest problem is that we still watch the news.  With so many other choices for news that are currently available, there is no excuse for watching MSNBC, CNN or FOX.  People are just lazy and want their news spoon fed to them.  Mock outrage sells and is entertaining but it is literally killing this country.  It’s time to turn off the tube and wake up to reality.  Our country is crap because we chose to remain ignorant.  This mock outrage is just a symptom to the disease of ignorance that has infected the majority of the country.