National security.  That was the excuse Hitler gave for invading all his European neighbors.  It is also the excuse the United States government likes to use when it tramples its own constitution.  In a resounding 8-1 ruling yesterday, the Supreme court ruled against throwing out a case in which some cops thought they smelled pot and broke into a guy’s house and arrested him.  They didn’t have a warrant and they weren’t even there for him.  They were chasing another guy into his apartment complex.  That is American justice, post 9/11 style!

The justices agreed with the cops that it was not a violation of the man’s 4th amendment rights when his door was knocked in without a warrant.  Writing for the majority ruling, justice Alito said “Occupants who choose not to stand on their constitutional rights but instead elect to attempt to destroy evidence have only themselves to blame.”  That’s right, Justice Alito is a regular Ike Turner!  You gotta love someone who blatantly blames the victim.

Of course what they don’t say is this is all hearsay.  Who knows what the cops heard, it could have been anything.  Regardless do we really want to give the cops the ability to knock down your door and arrest you just because they THINK they hear you doing something wrong?!  Is this really the kind of justice system that we want?

Forget about reading you your rights, you have no rights.  You have the right to be subjected to whatever kind of treatment these law enforcement types want to subject you to.  If they trample your rights, TOO BAD!  You shouldn’t have been making noise in YOUR OWN HOUSE!  How does this not even land on the radar of the Tea Party?  Their motto is don’t tread on me, but with them that only applies to the government making you have health care.  Not a bunch of cops breaking down your door for sketchy reasons.  Makes sense right?

The government has been using 9/11 as an excuse to ramp up enforcement on the drug war.  That is all this is.  They take away your rights and say it is to protect you from the terrorists, but who is really a terrorist in this situation.  Is it the guy smoking a joint in his home?   Or  the cops who can burst into your home for any reason they come up with and haul you off to jail if they feel like it?  We need to start looking at what is really going on in this country and start taking back the rights that the government has taken from us before it is too late.

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