The press in this country just amazes me with its incompetence.  I suppose it is just laziness but still, it is truly breathtaking how they report on things.  Take the “budget crisis” for example.  They take a Republican talking point, “Entitlement Spending” and use it to lump together three separate government programs and make it seem like one big tax dollar void. 

You see, the majority of Americans are clearly in favor of taking care of our elderly and poor.  People who are not in favor of our tax dollars going towards these programs, need to come up with names to make them sound icky so people will hate them.  No one likes people who feel entitled.  Especially those who feel entitled to our tax dollars!  Afterall IT’S MY MONEY DAMN IT!  How dare those poor assholes and old people feel ENTITLED to my money!  Take it away!  That’ll show em! 

These people even go as far as stating the half truth that defense spending is on the decline and entitlement spending is on the rise.  While that is technically true, it is only because we have never spent more on defense in the past 10 years than at any other point in our nation’s history.  There was no place to go but down!

The fact is, we have zero outside perspective as a nation.  Our political system is a cesspool of meaningless arguements with the big picture gets ignored and scoffed at.  “Of course we almost spend as much as the rest of the world combined on defense!” we shout.  “We’re AMERICA damn it!  Everyone wants what we have and we have to shoot them before they rise up and take it!”  This is essentially our foreign policy. 

We lie about why we go to war and then we refuse to leave the countries we invade.  These are facts.  Just ask Germany, Japan, Iraq et all.  Too few people in this country actually view this as a bad thing.  They view this as defending our nation without having a firm grasp of what exactly our nation is being defended from.

Bin Laden is dead.  What more do they want?!  We are expanding war operations all over the middle east.  Obama said the Libya conflict would take days not years and that was a lie.  We are intensifying a covert war in Yemen.  All of this costs billions of dollars.  Yet we are broke right?  It isn’t the over 1 trillion dollars we have spent on wars that were started under false reasons, it is your mailman’s retirement plan!  We are entitled to freedom, no one else is entitled to shit! 

We are the only country in the civilized world that feels this way.  No other country spends nearly as much as we do on war and locking up our citizens.  We endlessly bicker among ourselves about how much to pay our teachers while Congress gives the Pentagon money it doesn’t even ask for in what is supposedly our most desperate time of need:

All this madness has to end.  We are bankrupting ourselves with this foolish dream of world-wide military conquest.  That has never worked.  It will never work.  Why do we continue to delude ourselves into believing that it will work this time? 

In my mind, good health care isn’t an entitlement, it is a right.  Helping our senior citizens isn’t about them being greedy, it is about the citizens of our society being compassionate.  These are not bad things.  These help make America great.  Killing and fighting wars for false reasons drag us down.  It’s time for us to decide what kind of country we want to be.