The whole Weiner thing is retarded.  It is Bill Clinton part deux.  It is nearly totally meaningless, yet we love it.  That is what is wrong with American politics in a nutshell. 

I can’t fully decide if the story is so big because his name is wiener and he sent pics of his weiner.  Part of me thinks this is, if fact, the case.  That is the same part that thinks we are 50 years from turning the film “Idiocracy” into reality and Mike Judge into a modern-day Nostradamus. 

However, another part of me thinks this is just a continuation of all the other sex scandal that have happened before.  Look at Larry Craig and the bathroom.  Bill Clinton and the cigar.  Whatever.  As long as it isn’t with little boys or girls, who cares. 

Seriously who cares that this dude was sexting?  Is that the worst thing that someone has ever done.  Before you answer that, please know that Italy’s president is currently under investigation for paying to have sex with an underage girl:

Mama Mia She said she was 19!

 This is why our country is in the mess that it is in.  We are like cats surrounded by balls of twine, only we call them iPads, iPhones and Charlie Sheen.  This guy shows his PP to a few “ladies” and that is all you read in the paper for weeks.  We lose 6.6 billion in Iraq and it is on the front pages for a day.  What the hell is wrong with us?!

It’s like we have people robbing our house and we only care about the homeless dude on the corner and the couple doing it with the shades down across the street.  People are literally losing our tax dollars by the plane full.  Not giving them to their friends, not using them to pay for blow jobs, but actually just having no clue what happened to 6.6 BILLION! 

We deserve this.  We deserve this never-ending recession.  We deserve to have leaders like Obama and Bush lie to our faces and then rub our noses in it.  Why?  Because we are too damn lazy to even pay attention.  Like good little kittens we allow ourselves to get distracted by meaningless crap while we get robbed blind.  Then we are too big of wimps to confront the bullies who robbed us so we kick some elderly and homeless people. 

If we want to call ourselves a christian nation, don’t you think it’s about time we started acting like one?  Let’s start with forgiveness.  Weiner is a total perv, but honestly don’t we have more important things to worry about?