I honestly don’t know why so many liberals are so afraid to say what a disappointment Obama has been.  He is such a chicken hawk that he has taken to following Foghorn Leghorn around…


What the hell man!  This isn’t change.  This is a cooler Dick Cheney!  We still flipping torture people, we still are the most secretive government in the world, we still have more people in jail than anyone else, and we still have secret CIA torture jails/petting zoos.  I’m ok with the petting zoo part but COME ON with the torture! 

According to this article:


A group of 50 whistleblowers from around the world have asked Obama to return his “transparency award”.  I don’t know what is more impressive Obama’s “transparency award” or Buster from Arrested Development’s award from Army for being food.  It gets better…

“The group claims that petitioners have filed more Freedom of Information Act requests made during Obama’s first term–with fewer responses–than have been logged in previous years; that the administration has squashed “legal inquiries into secret illegalities more often than any predecessor” and “amassed the worst record in U.S. history for persecuting, prosecuting and jailing government whistleblowers and truth-tellers,” including WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning.”

Remember back in 2008 when Obama promised to have the “most transparent government in American history”?  That was awesome.  Remember…when you were with the Beatles…it kind of feels like that with the dems and Obama.  Only he hasn’t done shit!  At least make him earn it if you are going to go all Chris Farley on his ass! 

This should be what people should be talking about!  This is why I say Weiner’s wiener is totally freaking meaningless.  Because I don’t care that he covered himself in oil and pretended to be Buffalo Bob from silence of the lambs.  I do care that Obama freaking lied his ass off about surveillance and have to walk through a cancer booth to get onto an airplane.  We need to pump the freaking brakes on this whole prison state business first.  Then talk to me about the pervs in Congress.  We allow them to look at us naked at the airport but the guy who takes dick pics is the perv?  Well yeah he is a total perv but so are the people who need to see us naked in the damn airport! 

Just because Obama isn’t named George Bush doesn’t mean he gets to do what Bush did.  We have to put this crap to an end.  It costs a fortune and we are supposed to be broke.  We need to take a risk and ask our FBI guys to do more with less just like the rest of us.  I trust that they are good enough at doing their job that they can find the underwear bomber without needing to see my balls. 

Sorry for giving you that image but really, what is more important our freedom or a dick pic and some dirty talk.  Do we really have to even ask that question?  Step up, cut the crap and make Obama become the guy we all voted for and stop settling for the war nut that smokes just because he isn’t the war nut that drinks.