“Washington is addicted to spending, and the addict-in- chief is the president,”

Republican Senator Jim DeMint

I agree with this statement.  However the republicans are just as guilty of the spending addiction that they claim Obama is strung out on.  Their addiction is military spending, however, it looks like they are willing to compromise on that issue.  My question now is, what the hell is wrong with Obama?  According to this article:


Senior GOP leadership walked out on a meeting with Joe Biden because he INSISTED on raising taxes on the rich rather than cutting military spending.  Really Joe?  What kind of planet do we live on when Democrats are being outflanked to the left on military spending by Republicans?  This is 21st century American politics ladies and gents! 

We spend trillions on wars that were started under false reasons and then refuse to end.  Even as we discuss taking money away from the elderly and limiting their medical coverage, endless war seems to be a non-starter.  Why are we so dumb?  Why do we insist on picking on the weakest among us?  Why did Obama refuse to answer the most retweeted question the other day in his Twitter chat?  The question was: 

“Would you consider legalizing marijuana to increase revenue and save tax dollars by freeing up crowded prisons, court rooms?”  That was

We will cut EVERYTHING (except what we waste the most money on)

retweeted 4911 times and it was never asked.  Why?

It’s because an industry of repression runs this country and both sides are its minions.  What makes up the industry of repression you might ask?  Why the military industrial complex, the prison industrial complex and the “intelligence community”.  All of these agencies have ballooned since 9/11 and they don’t want to end the gravy train of tax dollars being shoveled into their pocket.  Why would they?  Both sides of the political aisle ignore all questions regarding spending on these wasteful agencies, so it is a non-starter and the dance of ignorance is allowed to continue. 

It is allowed to continue because the majority of our population is still ignorant to reality.  They are ignorant of the reality of freedom.  They think that government health care will rob us of all our freedoms while we jail 3 million people and take away their voting rights.  They complain about “entitlements” while we give defense contractors no-bid contracts and a blank check to help build up other countries as our own infrastructure and schools crumble.  How can we stand by and allow this to happen?

We need to turn off our TV’s and start just looking up facts rather than being spoon fed whatever nonsense CNN, MSNBC and FOX decides to report on.  Look at what the government tells us rather than what the fake outrage of TV’s talking heads.  It is all a big game.  When are we the people going to figure out it is rigged and we are the big losers?