So Leon Panetta has decided to end his career of fraud.  “Hey!  How can you talk about the soon-to-be ex Secretary of Defense like that bub” you might say.  Afterall he is the number 2 man at the pentagon!  Yes he is/was.  He also was an executive at defense contractor Raytheon AND former head of the White House Office of Management and Budget.  Do you see any possible conflict of interest there?

How can we continue to allow this kind of non-sense to happen?  This is like the old movie vertical monopoly.  Where the movie studios owned the movie, the trucks to bring the movie to the theater and the theater itself and the projector the movie was played on.  Take that example and put it on our defense department.  They guys approving the contracts for the department of defense worked or will work for the companies that they are approving the contracts for.  Not only that but they advise the president on budget matters so they make sure the gravy train never ends.

How can we turn a blind eye to this?  There are a number of explanations.  The first being this is not reported on as being a bad thing.  In this

Thanks for your tax dollars SUCKERS!!! Panetta...out?


It is stated rather matter-of-factly that this guy had all these different jobs.  There are no laws in place that would even prevent this kind of non-sense. 

My question is, what if we spent the majority of our tax dollars on food stamps and not defense.  Now picture the head of the food stamp division being the CEO of the supermarkets that get the most food stamp vouchers.  Rush Limbaugh’s head would implode.  Yet since this is the supposed “defense of our nation” we are talking about, everyone is willfully blind as a bat to this waste. 

Ever since 9/11 we have had our collective blinders on when it comes to defense and intelligence spending.  We are on our knees pleading wi th our government to protect us.  We allow them to strip us of our freedoms as long as they say they are keeping us safe.  We subject ourselves and our children to nude body scans and intrusive “pat downs” that if they were done by any random stranger would be considered molestation.  All in the name of security.  What did Ben Franklin say about this issue again?  Oh yeah “Those who sacrafice freedom for security will have neither” and that is exactly what we have.

There is no way for these people to keep us 100% safe.  No matter how much of our freedom and tax dollars they suck away, they cannot guarantee our safety.  They only deprive us of what once made this country great, our freedom. 

Guys like Leon Panetta are the reason we spend almost as much as the rest of the world combined on defense.  My only question is, when are we going to wake the hell up?