Don’t you wish you lived in a country where that headline didn’t bring about an instant chuckle?  What do you expect, us to pay more money towards “security” than any other country and actually think the Justice department would investigate anyone ASIDE from pot dealers?  Go back to Russia commie!!!

While the FBI is asleep at the wheel, England has uncovered some awesome things.  As it turns out, the head of Scotland Yard, his second in command and the leader of the best-selling newspaper were all in cahoots!  Go figure? 

Put another damn shrimp on the damn barbie or I will hack your phone bitch!

So Rupert and his boys were the mouth piece of a police state.  That isn’t crazy wacko conspiracy talk.  That is exactly what is unfolding right now in England. 

When your largest and most influential news paper is working for the cops, that’s a problem.  Does anyone out there actually believe that the very same thing isn’t going on here?  Are we that foolish? 

Just look at all the footage of Tony Blair before the Iraq war and what he says after it.

He is a Murdoch guy and he is part of the labor (liberal) party in England.

The political lines that we all cling to so dearly in this country don’t exist.  People like Murdoch are playing a game of three card monte while everyone else in the world is playing checkers.  We are retarded suckers playing the wrong game. 

Bush called Blair America’s greatest supporter in the war efforts, is their any wonder why?  They both were owned by the same guy.  It’s like the manager of the Red Sox and Yankees both getting paid by John Henry.  They are supposedly on opposite sides of the political aisle but they are working for the same guy.  Murdoch’s Sun Newspaper backed Blair three times and switched right back to the Torry party after Blair decided to leave.  What does that tell you? 

We have to wake the hell up.  The world we live in is a world created by our own ignorance to reality.  People like Murdoch are masters of distraction.  They run massive news agencies that are essentially cat toys.  They shimmer and shine with meaningless stories and get us all riled up and allow the Pentagon and security systems in this country rob us blind. 

We don’t need more people in jail than any other country to keep us safe.  What we do need is an independent media and an informed electorate.  Those things don’t cost the tax payer anything aside from some of their precious TV time.  We are we going to turn off Fox News and wake up to the reality that is unfolding all around us?  I hope soon or else what is going on in England is going to be the tip of the iceberg.