It is so fascinating how proposed cuts to defense are being dubbed DOOMSDAY defense cuts by the media.  Without relating these cuts to what the rest of the world spends on defense or even how much more we spend than China, our media only states that we are DRAMATICALLY cutting back defense to balance the budget.  What they call doomsday, I call normalization.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is the former CEO of Raytheon (and he was the one who coined the phrase doomsday cuts.  Of all the lies Obama told on the campaign trial, the one about not putting lobbiest or industry insiders in positions of power is the most aggravating.  Again if this was George Bush and he made the former CEO of a major defense contractor the secretary of defense, dems would be up in arms about it.  Now they turn the other cheek and that is exactly what is wrong with our political system.

Obama is right, our system is broken.  Too much pervasive greed runs through the capital but we don’t see that reality.  We do somewhat but the light of that reality is skewed through the prism of how we conceptualize politics in this country.  The right hates the left and the left can’t stand the right.  That is utter non-sense.  Both parties are to blame.  Both right and left is responsible for the mess we are in.  Bush screwed us and when he left Obama bent us over and screwed us again.  Stop with the insistence on pointing fingers at the right or the left and start looking at everyone’s actions.

People like Panetta are allowed to break the rules because right and left are divided.  Instead of seeing people as your neighbor, you allowed their desire to pay less taxes or their desire to help people as a weakness.  People can’t be helped, they need to help themselves says the right while the left says corporations are greedy and unfeeling, if big government isn’t there to help people corporations will run over everyone.  They are both right to a degree but what they are missing is human feeling and emotion. 

I believe that most people are basically good.  The outliers are the ones who commit crimes and are greedy.  Smart ones are called bankers and politicians, dumb ones are called criminals.  That is the difference.  The smart ones have the same objective as the dumb ones, they just more strictly adhere to the guidelines of society.  The dumb ones are the ones that allow their egos to get out of whack and flat-out break any rule in the book to get what they think they want.  There are just too many dumb ones out there right now that aren’t getting caught.  I put Panetta in that camp but we think he is good because Obama put him there or we just don’t think at all and just turn on American Idol.  That has to change.

What matters now is doing what is right for the country.  Our government has rung up a huge bill and the time to pay it off is now.  Defense spending is a huge problem.  I am glad to see that it is finally being addressed but we have to remember that both parties are to blame for this.  Obama is right, our system is broken.  It is up to us to pay attention and ensure it gets fixed the right way.