Sorry I haven’t been blogging.  I have been writing other things and doing other things and frankly, I am tired.  I am tired of our broken political system.  I am tired of people actually paying attention to what someone like Dick Cheney has to say.  I am tired of getting beaten over the head with political talking points that have little to do with what is actually bankrupting our country.  But mostly, I am tired of the imposter who calls himself Barak Obama.

I feel totally betrayed by this guy.  He has sucked the life out of me.  Every chance this man has had to make the right decision, he makes the wrong one.  Liberal’s say I’m too hard on this guy, they make excuses for him and say that it is all the fault of the Congress.  That sentiment is just patently false.  He could end every war we are in.  He is the President and Commander-in-Chief.  He could say, enough war, we have done what we wanted to do.  We got Bin Laden, now everyone is coming home and we are going to start saving money.  Yet that is hardly discussed.

Instead we hear about how our citizens have to suffer with less than sufficient health care and services because he have no money.  Yet we have a seemingly endless budget to make weapons, fight wars and throw our people in jail.  For those activities, there are no cut backs.  There is no doing more with less, there is only more.  This has nothing to do with Congress.  Obama is the one making a budget that doesn’t include major defense spending and trying to force Congress to sign it by calling it a jobs bill.  He has no desire to even talk about ending the wars.  He ignores them. 

He says that there will be troop draw downs.  When?  All of his dates are vague.  He announced on June 22nd that we would reduce the amount of troops by 10,000 “at the end of 2011” and by another 23,000 in the summer of 2012.  So by the end of the summer of 2012 we will have exactly 3,000 fewer troops at war than we did when Obama took over.  What are we waiting for exactly?  The Taliban will never give up.  They will never accept a government that we installed.  The minute we leave, whenever that may be, the Taliban will be back in power.  So what was the point of this entire operation?

We are spending 6.7 billion per month on this war.  What more do we need to know?  Why do we continue to allow ourselves to get sucked into debates on weather or not we should tax the rich or cut “entitlements”?  Those are false debates.  Yes they have merit but why not stop spending 6.7 billion every month on a war that will never be won?  That is a very easy way to start saving money but we barely talk about it.  We just know there is a war and that’s it.  They say troop draw downs but even if they decide to remove 33,000 troops we will still have 70,000 troops there!  It is total madness and Obama needs to end it.

I am putting the blame for this war squarely on the shoulders of Liberals now.  Bush is gone.  Yes he was the worst president in history, yes he started the wars, yes he raped the country for his friends.  He is GONE people.  Someone has replaced him and you voted for him.  He cannot get reelected without you.  Hold his damn feet to the fire.  Hold every single Democrat’s feet to the fire until they cut the crap and end the wars.  That is our savings plan.  We don’t want to tax the rich and get pulled into class warfare, we just want to end the f-ing war.  If we are united in that message, Obama will have no choice but to end the war.

If we keep allowing our hatred of the other party to get in the way of basic logic, this country will go nowhere.  Which is exactly where we have been headed ever since Obama took over.  We cannot balance the budget while the wars are going on no matter how much we tax the rich.  Yes the rich need to pay their fair share, just get to that argument AFTER the war is ended.

Liberals, this President is not your President.  He is a man who would rather cut health care benefits then simple end three wars.  What does that say about this man?  Is he the kind of intelligent President we want, or simply a pawn for the military.  Liberals need to stop looking at Obama as the man they voted for and realize what kind of man he is.  If that happens the war will end.  It is up to us to hold this guy’s feet to the fire and make change for ourselves.