There is class warfare going on in this country.  It has been waging for the past 31 years and it has been a slaughter.  The most wealthy individuals in this country have gone from making 60 times more than their average employee to making 300 times more than their average employee.  My dad once supported a family of 4 in the early 80’s by being a manager at K-Mart.  We had a four bedroom house and an acre of land in a nice suburb.  Do you think anyone aside from a director at a large corporation can do that now?  Do you think a K-Mart or Wal-Mart manager could ever swing a mortgage by himself?  Oh course not.  That is what Occupy Wall Street is all about.  Taking back the American dream that has been stolen.

Anyone “lucky” enough to still have a job knows the harsh reality of the American worker.  We are getting paid less to do more.  That is the simple truth.  At my job I have seen several people laid off while they are simply either not replaced or replaced by someone at a lower level, increasing the work burden for everyone in the department.  This is American business 101.  Put the screws to your workers while skimping on their bonuses and making them feel guilty about using their vacation time because where are they going to go?

Americans are offered less vacation than any other developed country in the world.  We take even less vacation than we are offered because people know that their work doesn’t go anywhere when they go on vacation.  It just sits there and waits for them.  So if they don’t want to be working late for a month to catch up on stuff, they take a “working vacation”, which is another name for no vacation at all.

All of this leads to the health care crisis we are currently having.  Overworking and overextending yourself leads to both mental and physical health issues.  That is reality.  When you work too much and your job is extremely stressful, it takes a physical tole on you.  This is the reality of the American worker.  Things have gotten out of hand.  The rules of the game are being made by the few to screw the majority.

That is what Occupy Wall Street is, it is our generation’s Network moment.  We are as mad as hell and we

This is what the one-sided class war has created. A bunch of Howard Beils. It's about damn time.

aren’t going to take it anymore.  It can mean different things to different people but that is what it means to me.  People can only be lied to so much before they realize that what they are being told and what they are seeing with their own eyes.  I have seen a person suffer serious health problems because of the stress of their job, go on short-term disability and then get fired because they didn’t come back to work fast enough.  I have seen grown men cry in their office because of workplace stress.  I have seen people work for twenty-four hours straight and fall asleep at their keyboard.  These are all common occurences in our 10% unemployment reality. 

Meanwhile I go to meetings and listen to how well the company is doing.  They talk about new businesses they acquire to strengthen their portfolio while they refuse to hire enough workers to properly do the work that needs doing.  They hide behind economic fears and put the screws down on their workers to try to squeeze every last drop of effort from them before they are discarded.  That is the reality of our new American workplace. 

Occupy Wall Street is the workers of this country saying no.  It is a revolution armed with nothing but the knowledge that the majority of the people in this country are getting screwed and we aren’t going to continue to sit back and let it happen. 

As we have seen, the only effective way to end this class warfare is through non-violent non-cooperation with evil.  In this case evil is our oppressive government that no longer cares for the will of the majority of their constituents.  Our elected officials are painted into a corner, either stand up and get bounced from their job, or be a good puppet and allow their non elected money masters continue to pull their strings.

Fixing this problem is going to take more than just the Occupy Wall Street people putting their necks out.  It is going to take the Wall Street people working WITH the Tea Party.  It is going to take honest elected officials banding together and working WITH people from the other side of the aisle.  We need to put an end to the liberal and conservative bashing and come to the understanding that we are all Americans and we are all getting screwed.

So stand up and rally on.  Just keep everything non-violent and be willing to take their abuse and suffer their oppression.  Through this suffering their true tyrannical face will be revealed for all to see.