Pretty simple really:

End the drug war and use counseling to deal with drug addiction

End all overseas wars and close all overseas bases.  If countries want us to stay, they can pay all our expenses until their own army is trained.

Reduce military spending to no more than 2 times our next closest competitor.

Demand that no CEO can make over 60 times what their average employee makes.  If they want a raise, everyone gets a raise.

End the crippling golden parachute system for exit pay being given to CEOs

Health Care cannot be for profit and no health care company can have their stocks traded on Wall Street.

No defense contractor can be a for profit corporation that is traded on Wall Street.

Prisons cannot be for profit or private.

All payments going to CEOs of a government contractor that receives more than 50% of its companies gross value from tax dollars can be no larger than 250 thousand dollars per year.

Legalize and tax pot

Corporations cannot have the same rights as individual citizens.

Give 50% of all the money generated with these cuts back to the tax payers and give the rest to education, infrastructure and paying off the debt.

Create a natural gas pipeline to replace oil heating in every house in America that wants gas instead of oil.

These are very easy solutions to our problems.  If implemented they would being to change America from a land of endless debt and despair, back into a land of oppertunity and growth.